February 10, 2009


Sorghum Bread – Again

My previously posted sorghum bread recipe is very good, but I’m still experimenting.  I’d like to find a recipe that rises a little more and stays soft longer. 

I actually tried this recipe last month but I used too much water.  I think too much liquid is the most frequent reason that gluten-free bread sinks in the middle as it cools.  That’s what happened the last time.
This time I reduced the water, and  I beat it with a hand mixer before putting it in the bread machine.  The other night I used the hand mixer to mix biscuit dough (instead of using the Kitchenaid).  Those wonderful biscuits rose more than they ever had, so I decided to try it with bread dough.

I think it really helped.  This loaf rose quite tall.  My only complaint is that it didn’t rise smoothly.  You can see what I mean from the picture.

sorghum loafI think I should have mixed it longer because there were little bumps on the top of the loaf.  I don’t know if more mixing will result in a smoother loaf, but I’ll find out next time.

Inside, the bread was terrific.  I made this loaf yesterday afternoon and this morning it is still nice and soft.  Yeah!  The sweet rice flour helps to keep it moist so if you don’t have brown sweet rice flour try white sweet rice flour.  If you substitute with regular rice flour (brown or white), the bread will not stay soft the next day. 
While I accomplished my two goals of getting it to rise more and stay soft longer, it still needs some improving.  I’ll keep you posted, but if you want to try this recipe yourself, here it is.

sorghum bread 1 

Gluten-Free Sorghum Bread

Combine the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.  Add the eggs, oil, water and vinegar.  Beat with a hand mixer for several minutes (I mixed about 2 minutes so try 4).  Be careful because the dough will crawl up the beaters to the mixer. 

Transfer the dough to a bread machine.  I made a custom setting on my machine to skip the mixing.  I had it rise 30 minutes and bake 55 minutes at 336 degrees.

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Why did you use 4 eggs? I have made similar recipes to this and used only 1 egg with good results. I have a daughter with an egg sensitivity so more than 1 egg in a recipe kills it for us.

Never knew that sweet rice flour would keep the bread soft. I use almond meal instead of dairy and recently used it to replace millet flour in a recipe with nice moist results....wonder if that would work here....
I was wondering myself as I typed the recipe why I used 4 eggs. Eggs do provide protein and act as a binder. It should still work well with less, but I don't know about using only one. Give it a try and add what substitute you normally use.

Almond meal would probably be good in this, but I haven't tried it. Let me know if you experiment with the recipe.
Hi Linda! I have a similar bread recipe-love tapioca starch for baking- and I too had the "sinking" issue. Following a tip from another blogger, just cool the bread on it's side, and alternate. Works a charm for me!!
Where do you get your sweet rice flour? I haven't been able to find it.
I have milled my own and I have ordered it from Allergy Grocer. Unfortunately, they are out of business. I assumed it could be ordered elsewhere, but I haven't looked yet.
I just remembered, you might find it at an Asian market.
sweet rice flour is another name for glutinous flour. This can be found at any Asian grocery store.
I could not find sweet rice flour at the Asian market, but I also couldn't find anyone who spoke English :) I'm going to try a different market, maybe today.
This sounds wonderful. Could you post the directions for rising and oven baking for those of us without a bread machine?
I've never baked this in a regular oven. I would put it in a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan and try letting it rise 30-45 minutes then bake it at 350 for about 50 minutes. Sorry I can't be more help. Let me know how it turns out.
Yes, reduce the amount of water for breads without or with little Gluten content. The water does indeed inhibit the rise.
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Glenn Molin

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