January 14, 2011


Pot Strainer: Tools of the Trade

Trudeau Pot Strainer
I’ve had so many other things to write about, it’s been a while since I’ve done a post in this series.  The pot strainer is a simple tool that doesn’t take up much space, and I find it very useful. 

A pot strainer comes in handy any time you want to strain something, but I mostly use it for staining meat that I have browned in a skillet.  When you’re done cooking there is fat and liquid that you usually want to strain off.  A colander is a practical means of doing this, but I usually prefer a hand held strainer. 

What It Is
Pot strainers can be made of metal or plastic.  I have a plastic one that I bought from Pampered Chef.  The strainers usually have a handle on one end and a center area that is rounded and has holes.  You hold the strainer over one side of your pot or skillet and then tilt the pot to pour the liquid into a bowl or other container.  The strainer holds the food in the pot/skillet while the holes allow the liquid to pour through. 

Why I Like It
I prefer the strainer to a colander for straining meat for two reasons.  First, I’m often planning on keeping the meat in the skillet and adding other ingredients to it.  With the strainer, I’m not moving the meat back and forth.  It stays in the skillet and is simply easier.

Second, because a strainer is smaller than a colander, clean up is easier.  Who doesn’t like easier cleanup?

You can find an assortment of pot strainers at Amazon (that is an affiliate link, meaning I get a very small commission on any sales purchased through that link).


They are pretty cute, but I'd probably always forget to use them, since I don't even use colanders for more than rinsing veggies.

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