July 25, 2010


Knife Sharpener: Tools of the Trade

Chef's Choice 300 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, White
In my Tools of the Trade posts I often highlight kitchen tools that I find very useful, but not essential.  A knife sharpener, however, is essential for me.  A lot of cutting goes on in the kitchen, and that task is so much easier and in some ways safer with a sharp knife. 

I have not invested in an expensive knife set.  I understand the importance of good quality tools, but high quality always comes with a high price.  Instead, I have decent knives that work well when they are sharp.  But they do get dull. 

I have a diamond hone sharpener like the one in the picture ($30.90 from Amazon), but there are others to choose from.  In fact there are many more choices than there were when I bought mine years ago.  I’m not an expert on knives or sharpeners, and I can’t go into explanations about different features.  What I do know is that mine works.  It doesn’t take long to sharpen a knife, and cutting with a sharp knife makes a task easy.

Just remember to be careful when working with sharp knives.  I had one mishap a number of years ago that required a few stitches in my finger, and I will never forget it. 

How do you sharpen your knives?


I've never seen that particular knife sharpener before, Linda. Not a bad price at all. Hubby sharpens my knives for me. He has a super duper knife sharpening kit. I do have a handheld version of something similar to what you show, but have never used it. It looks sort of like a yo-yo and got great reviews. No one never forgets stitches and similar injuries for sure. I had a run in with a candle holder one time ... the kind that has basically a "nail" on the end and you stick the candle on it. Will never use that type of candle holder again.


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