July 8, 2010


Finding Cookbooks at the Library


I love the library.  I even know my 14-digit library card number by heart.  I am very grateful that I happen to live in an area that has a great library system.  No matter where you live, I’m sure your library has at least a few cookbooks, and these days it probably has some gluten-free cookbooks.  When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease over nine years ago, I didn’t know how to cook anymore.  Then a friend who had recently put her son on a gluten-free diet told me she found gluten-free cookbooks at the library.  I rushed off as soon as a I could and sure enough, there were several cookbooks by Bette Hagman.  It was a life saver.

Today, finding recipes isn’t so hard.  There are many great recipes on blogs and other web sites, and there are many more gluten-free cookbooks available than when I started out.  If you are new to the gluten-free diet, the library can be a good place to start.  Since there are so many cookbooks to choose from out there, the library lets you try them out and see which ones you like best.  Gluten-free cookbooks are usually filled with useful information as well as recipes, and borrowing a book from the library is free!

If you’ve been gluten-free for a while, you might be like me and just want to look for some new ideas.  Many times I’ll find a cookbook that has only a few recipes I like.  There’s no sense wasting my shelf space on the whole book.  I write down the recipes and make note of the source, and the book goes back to the library.

Once you are comfortable with the requirements of a gluten-free diet, don’t limit yourself to gluten-free cookbooks.  A book filled with baking recipes won’t be helpful, but there are many cookbooks with great meal recipes that are naturally gluten free or can easily be made so.  If you are looking to expand your repertoire, you’ll find many more choices at the library if you consider all the cookbooks.

Many libraries also have a store where they sell used books.  My library has a very small one, but I always take a look.  I recently found this book for $0.50. 

zucchini cookbook

With all the zucchini I’m getting from my garden, I was thrilled.  I have marked numerous pages in the book.  Even if I don’t follow a recipe exactly, it gives me a starting point and ideas to try.

If you haven’t been to the library in a while, give it a try.  You will find the cookbooks in the 641 section.
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Ooh, I'm excited to see what zucchini creations you come up with! I visit my library occasionally, but they don't have the greatest selection on GF cookbooks. I think there are 2 or 3. But I've checked them all out before, so they've been a decent resource. I've also found some good cookbooks on eating vegetarian, which is helpful for avoiding dairy.
I love my library too! I have found GF cookbooks for sale in mine! GF resources are everywhere!
I haven't looked at my library's cookbook section in quite some time ... thanks for the reminder! I tend to use "regular" cookbooks like this great find of yours and just adapt the recipes to be gluten free if needed, but some really terrific gluten-free cookbooks have come out recently. I need to see if they are at our library, so I can refer my support group members. :-)

Thanks, Linda!
Thanks for the reminder about using the Library. As a retired librarian, I'd like to add that many libraries have ways to borrow books from other locations, so don't think that what you see is all there is. Also, many welcome suggestions for purchase, even in these tight budget times. Ask away!
You are so right! Thanks for that reminder.
I always forget about looking in the cookbook section of the library. Great idea.
I love the library for cookbooks. I have a bajillion and really have no room for more but I love to read them like you would any other book. I just went yesterday and came home with about 10 to read!

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