May 13, 2010


Pastry Brushes: Tools of the Trade

I wish I had another recipe for you this week.  With the way I’ve been feeling, and finishing up the school year, I’ve not been keeping up with blogging the way I would like.  I have definitely not  kept up with reading and commenting. My apologies for that.  I appreciate the comments and emails I’ve gotten about thyroid problems and possible other causes for my fatigue.  I’m in the process of reading a book a reader recommended, and I’m very hopeful it will have some answers for me.  There may be more dietary changes in store for me, but I want to finish reading before I make any changes.  On with today’s topic…

pastry brushes

Pastry brushes are a tool I use quite often.  Originally they were made with natural bristles and then synthetic fibers.  Today many pastry brushes are made with silicone.  I use both old and new types. 

Old Style Pastry Brush

These brusheslook like a paint brush with a wooden handle and fairly stiff bristles.  My silicone brushes have very flimsy bristles, but even if they were stiff, they could not function the same as paint brush type bristles.  I love using the old style brushes like a miniature dust brush.  I use it to brush flour out of the bowl I use to combine dry ingredients when baking.  I also use it to brush all the flour out of the container my mill puts the flour into.  Occasionally, I use it to brush on beaten egg white or something else wet, but I usually reserve it for brushing dry ingredients.

Silicone Pastry Brush

One thing I love about silicone brushes is how easy they are to clean.  I can get them filled with olive oil, and it easily washes out.  I also like that the bristles don’t fall out, and they are heat resistant.  I like to brush olive oil on the crust of my pizza after it’s first bake and before I add the sauce and toppings.  I’ve had old style brushes melt a little after touching the hot stoneware I use for my pizza.  Silicone is a much better option in my opinion.  It’s also good for brushing sauces and marinades on meat.  I like silicone for wet, oily, or hot jobs.

How about you?

What style brush do you like to use, and what do you use it for?


I like the silicone again since it's easy to clean. Grilling ribs and saucing them, or brushing things with egg washes before baking.

I usually brush my pizza crusts with a garlic/parm combo. Makes it like the garlic breads they sell at pizza places. LOL
I love my silicone pastry brushes!! :D I used to have some other ones, but I got upset that the little bristles would come out. :(
Dear Linda--Please don't apologize. I think you are doing a "bang up" job of keeping up for someone who has not been feeling well at all. Add in the end of the school year and I'd say you are doing phenomenal! No worries. Hope you figure out some answers that will help soon.

I have really never been a fan of brushes. I tend to spoon/baste more than brush. I am pretty impatient when it comes to the clean up of any kind of brushes. BUT, I haven't tried silicon brushes. Are there any harmful effects of silicon? With all the recommendations against plastic, I've been wondering.

BTW, I actually ended up with ribs that were covered with bristles at a restaurant recently. They were overdue to retire their brush and didn't even realize it until I pointed it out.

Shirley, I have wondered myself about the safety of silicone. I haven't heard anything bad, but you never know. I have a few silicone baking pans, but I rarely use them. It seems that would be the most dangerous. I love my silicone cooking utensils so much I would have a hard time giving them up.

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