May 17, 2010


Fish Sticks

Frozen fish sticks were a treat we enjoyed occasionally before I went gluten free.  Now, my family gets them on occasions when I am out of town and they need easy meals they can pop in the oven.  I also make gluten-free fish sticks.  It’s rare, I admit, but I have done it. 

I don’t consider this to be an easy meal.  Making fish sticks requires multiple steps of coating, and with the big eaters in my family, it requires a lot of fish.  You’ll notice that I don’t have very good pictures.  That’s because I was too busy cooking them, and I also found it difficult to make other food at the same time.  Definitely plan ahead and have easy sides to go with this.  The fish sticks were enjoyable, though, and if you have a smaller family, it will go more quickly. 

I will list different coatings you can use below. I used bread crumbs and tortilla crumbs (store bought) for this batch.  My bread crumbs were some I had in the freezer and as I used them I found they were not as fine as I would like and burnt easily when I cooked them.  The tortilla crumbs, which would be similar to corn meal worked better.  It definitely gives it a corn flavor though.  Half my family preferred the bread crumbs and half preferred the tortilla crumbs.  Good thing I made both!

Let’s get on with the recipe, although it’s really more like guidelines since I don’t have exact amounts.

Gluten-Free Fish Sticks

fish sticks cooked

Coating suggestions (thanks to comments on my Facebook fan page the night I posted that we were having this for dinner):
Cut the fish into sections and get all your ingredients out.  Combine the salt and pepper with the coating.

fish sticks ingredients

A couple of pieces at a time, coat the fish with flour.  It should be naturally damp enough that the flour sticks to it. 

fish sticks in flour
Place the floured fish into the egg and turn to coat.

fish sticks in egg
Place on the dish with the coating and turn until covered completely.

fish sticks breaded

I chose to fry the sticks in my electric skill with a light amount of oil.  I don’t fry very often at all, but on this occasion I did.  You could also bake these in the oven at 450 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.  We ate them with tartar sauce.

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Oh, yum! What a great way to have kids eat fish and adults, too! :D

Thank you for sharing!
These look really good! And worth the effort I'm sure :)

What types of fish do you recommend for these? I rarely eat fish but am trying to incorporate it into my diet better.

~Aubree Cherie
Good job! Fish sticks are such nice comfort food...
Great idea! Fish sticks are so yummy!
I make fish sticks for my kids when my husband and I have broiled or baked fish. For the fish sticks, I've used tilapia, flounder, or salmon and I always use crushed Rice Chex (really fine in the food processer) mixed with garlic powder, paprika, and parmesan cheese for the breading. They are always a hit with the kids! I do the same for fried shrimp and chicken nuggets, too.

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