March 29, 2010


Multi-Grain Carrot Walnut Muffins

multi-grain carrot walnut muffin

I’m a few days late, but this is my entry for this month’s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free which is being hosted at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, and has a theme of guiltless pleasures.  These muffins fit the bill for me.  I just enjoy muffins.  They are a nice size and they are good for breakfast or snacking.  I made these guiltless by including whole grains, nuts, and carrots.
These muffins will also be my submission next week for my monthly challenge which is to create a gluten free muffin

Buckwheat flour in these muffins give them a hearty whole grain flavor.  I love it combined with the carrot and walnuts.  These are not moist muffins, but neither are they overly dry.  Muffins by nature are on the dry side, like a cake that you eat with ice cream.  You can spread these with a little butter or jam if you like.  You could also try adding some applesauce to the recipe, but I like them the way they are.

The list of ingredients is rather long, partly because it uses five different flours/starches.  If you don’t have all the flours used, try substituting what you do have.  Just substitute a whole grain for a whole grain and a starch for a starch.

Gluten-Free Multi-Grain Carrot Walnut Muffins

multi-grain carrot walnut muffins

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Using a whisk, combine all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.  In a separate bowl, combine the milk, eggs, vanilla, and oil.  Add to the dry ingredients and whisk together until everything is wet.  Stir in the carrots and walnuts. 

Spoon batter into a muffin tin and bake at 375 degrees for 18- 20 minutes.  Remove to a wire rack and cool.

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These sound scrumptious!
These look like great muffins - I love carrots in baked goods and love the flavor buckwheat adds!
I bet these taste great - a nice flavor, but neutral enough that youo could eat them for several days in a row without tiring of them! Yum.

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