February 28, 2010


My Favorite Cooking Utensil: Tools of the Trade

There is one cooking utensil that I love more than all the others.  I use it daily.   I even bought two of them.  It is nothing but a humble spoon, yet it has features I love.  I bought the spoon at Shoppers Food Warehouse, and because it is not a name brand (I can’t even find a brand anywhere on the spoon!) I doubt that most of you will be able to find the exact same spoon.  However, I’m going to tell what I like about it, and hopefully you can find something with the same features.

silicone spoon

It’s long.  It is 13 inches long to be exact.  That makes it great for using in large pots.

It’s wide.  The widest part of the spoon is over 2 1/2 inches.  It’s not super wide, but it’s is a nice size and can scoop up a lot of mashed potatoes.

It’s sturdy.  The handle is metal and extents into the spoon itself where it fans out and gives support to the spoon.

It’s flexible.  The spoon is made of silicone, and while it is strong from the metal, it is also very flexible at the edges.  This allows it to be used like a spatula, and is great for scraping the sides of a pot clean.

silicone utensils
That’s what I love about my spoon.  I bought several other utensils that are the same brand.  My second favorite is the ladle.  I love it for all the same reasons I listed above.  It is a nice big ladle and is also flexible around the edges.  I like to use it to dip pancake batter and pour onto the skillet.  At the end, I use it to scrape the batter from the sides of the bowl.  Of course, it’s perfect for soups too.

I like the slotted spatula the least because it is too fat for getting underneath of things, and the edge of it is not straight.  It does get used occasionally, though.

I wish these utensils were a brand I could find online, but since I can’t I recommend looking for something similar in the store.  The flexibility is key.  I do own a couple of silicone spatulas that are not nearly as flexible, and it is difficult to tell the difference in a picture.

What is your favorite cooking utensil and what do you love about it?

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I have a slotted spoon similar to this one (it's even red!) that I got as a gift from Williams-Sonoma. I love it! I use it for everything :)
I actually started writing about my favorite kitchen utensils as my WFMW post today, but then changed my mind. I think my favorite is my cookie scoop, but I also have a ladle (part of a $1 store set) that is the perfect size for making waffles and filling cupcake tins. It's always fun to find something common, yet unique, that really works.

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