November 16, 2009


Gluten-Free Drop Biscuits Revisited

It seems I can’t just leave a good gluten-free recipe alone.  I have to tweak it to see if I can make it better, usually healthier.  The way I often do that is by increasing the amount of whole grain slightly and decreasing the starch by an equal amount.   I’ve done it with French bread, and French bread rolls.  This time I did it with these delightful drop biscuits.

My family of guys likes having bread with a meal.  Not always, but often, and it goes well with the soups and stews I make during the colder months.  I usually rotate between a few recipes, and these biscuits are a favorite.  I can remember years ago making drop biscuits from Bisquick.  They were quick and easy and we liked them, but they weren’t great.  These biscuits take a little more time since I don’t have a mix, but not much more, and they are so much better!

They are not your typical flaky, buttery biscuits, but they are wonderful.  They have a delightfully soft texture.  My family loves them, and they didn’t notice any difference when I made this change.  I haven’t tried this recipe with other flours.  I think it would work, but it is the sorghum that makes them nice and soft.

Gluten-Free Drop Biscuits

drop biscuits
Combine the dry ingredients in a small bowl. In your mixer bowl, combine the butter, egg and milk. Add the dry ingredients and beat on high about 30 seconds. Scrape down the sides and make sure it is mixed well.

Spray an ice cream scoop with cooking spray and drop the dough by scoopfuls onto a sprayed cookie sheet. Bake at 400 degrees about 12 minutes until golden brown. Makes about 10 biscuits.

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This recipe is linked to Slightly Indulgent Mondays at Simply Sugar & Gluten Free.


I love biscuits - they're one of the first really tasty GF baked good I made! These sound similar to mine, but look lovely! Can I ask you what the cream of tartar does for them? Curious.
I like to do the same as you and pursue the lower starches in my recipes. Your famous for "The Best Biscuits" in our house!
Aside from rice flour I bought for the potato soup - I have not invested in other flours and baking aids. I did buy a pouch of Pamela's Pancake & Baking mix and she had a "Bisquick" style biscuit recipe that I'd like to try. If I don't have success w/Pamela's then I will break down and buy the individual flours.
I love biscuits especially for breakfast. I've tried a couple of GF Drop Biscuit recipes with no success. I will try this recipe in the morning and if mine turn out half as good as yours looks I will be happy. Thank you.
You always have such amazing breads and rolls. I was thinking about trying the french bread rolls for Thanksgiving, but these look great too. Which do you think would go best with a traditional Thanksgiving meal?
Iris - Thank you! I think I would go with the French bread rolls since they are a yeast bread and more like a traditional roll.
I love the way you combine good food and convenience. It's so user-friendly. It's neat that you tweak and tweak your recipes to make them even better. It's truly the mark of a passionate cook.

Thanks for linking to Slightly Indulgent Mondays!
Alta - The cream of tartar is acidic and works with the baking soda. Many baking powders combine the two. The recipe I was originally working from used the two and I stuck with that. I should try it with baking soda some time and see if I notice a difference.
I'm curious as to why the mixing technique is so different from regular biscuits, since the ingredients are so similar? I know there isn't the issue of gluten development, obviously, but what about keeping the butter cold, and cutting it in to the dry mix, and then adding the milk and egg?
Thanks so much for a great recipe, and a great site.
Carrie, I think that cutting in the cold butter is more critical for a rolled & cut biscuit. Many wheat based drop biscuit recipes use oil and don't involved cutting in. It would be interesting to try this recipe that way, though, and see what difference it makes.
Linda, I just made your drop biscuits (original recipe). I subbed chickpea flour for the sorghum, and used Earth Balance for the butter and almond milk for the milk. These biscuits are fabulous!!! Thank you

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