September 3, 2009


The Zester – Tools of the Trade

clip_image002[8]In this house, we love lemony desserts.  Lemon juice is great for adding that lemon flavor, but even better is lemon zest.  According to, zest is “the thin outer peel of citrus fruit used for flavor.”  The tricky part  is to get a very thin layer of the peel.  Basically you want the part that has color to it, but not the white part underneath which has a bitter taste.

I used to just omit the zest, but then I started trying to use it a little.  It adds so much flavor if you get it right.  At first I tried making zest with a grater or a peeler, but it never worked very well.  Finally, I bought a zester, and I’m so glad I did.  This little tool does the job perfectly.  It scrapes off just the right depth of  skin and gives you little stringy bits of zest.

If you like lemon or other citrus flavor in your food, a zester if the tool for you.  Look for one where kitchen gadgets are sold, or purchase one online.


I love my little zester! Sometimes tricky to get just the outer layer of skin though. Mmm, now I'm craving citrus...
I don't know how people live without a zester! Neither my own mother or my mother in law had ever heard of one. What is that?!
I love to use my lemon zest in blueberry scones...yes, just like you said, it does make them taste so much better.
A zester is a great tool. You're right that a little zest can really add so much flavor.

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