September 29, 2009


Italian Chicken – What can I eat?

What can I eat Hello! Welcome to “What can I eat that’s gluten-free?”  If you find yourself asking that question, you’ve come to the right place.  After my recipe you will find links to recipes and ideas from other bloggers.  If  you’re a blogger, please join in.  Your link must be about some gluten free food item or recipe, but your blog doesn’t have to be gluten free.  You can read the guidelines here.
A couple of weeks ago I watched this quick and easy meals video at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.  I really liked the idea of buying meat in large packs and freezing some along with other ingredients so it’s ready to cook.    The options are open to your creativity.  Unfortunately, we can’t just dump in a can of cream of chicken soup, but there are other options. 
I gave it a try after buying a big pack of chicken breasts.  I used half for dinner one night and the other half I put into a gallon size freezer bag.
I added to the chicken:
I might have added a little water too.  I got as much air out of the bag as I could and put it into the freezer.
crock pot Italian chicken - freezer To cook the chicken, I took it out of the freezer and hit the bag on the counter edge to break it up a little.  I then put it into the crock pot and added about 1/2 cup V8 juice.  I started it on high and later turned it to low.
crock pot Italian chicken My crock pot runs very high so it got done sooner than I expected.  The kids were wondering why we were having such an early dinner, but it was Saturday and my husband was home.  I served the chicken with Tinkyada penne, spooning some of the sauce over the pasta.  With the leftovers, I decided to shred the chicken and mix it in with the sauce which I actually liked better.
I would love to hear your ideas for things that could be added to chicken or beef and then frozen.

Reminder:  Next week has a theme of breakfast food, but the theme is only a suggestion.
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Sounds delicious, never thought of combining Italian dressing and soy sauce, I bet that would be really great with pork too, maybe over rice.
Nobody in my house is on a gluten-free diet, but I have to say that this recipe sounds a lot better than ANYTHING mixed with cream-of-whatever soup :)
Yummy! I'll save this one for when I see my in-laws (my MIL is GF).
This sounds really good! I've come very dependent upon my crockpot. I'll have to give this a try.
What kind of soy sauce do you use? I LOVE Bragg's Liquid Aminos - can't tell the difference at all, and neither can Joe.

Tinkyada is fabulous - all of their products turn out great. I love that you made this with the CrockPot, too. :)
Amy, I usually use San-J soy sauce, but I have used Bragg's also. I think both are good. LaChoy is gf (at least it used to be)and can be found at a regular store, but I like the other two options better.
Author Nicolette Dumke has given permission for me to share 3 of her favorite recipes out of her newest book "I Love Dessert but NOT sugar, wheat, milk, gluten, corn, soy, unhealthy fat..." She is incredibly creative when it comes to making delicious desserts for people with multiple dietary restrictions.

Also, I second the Bragg's and San-J. We love them both!
Sounds delicious and SO easy! I think I could do this with my home made tomato sauce :) Good plan, thanks for sharing!
Jessie at Blog Schmog
Great idea to prep the chicken and freeze ahead of time. I'm always looking for a shortcut for busy nights. Thanks
WOW! What a timesaver. I never realized I could combine stuff and have it ready to go.
Thanks for sharing,

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