May 4, 2009


Veggies On Eggs

Veggies on Eggs (another variation of the recipe)

I looked at the clock. It was 5:30 p.m., and I knew I didn’t have time to fix the dinner I had planned. I hadn’t even thawed the meat.  Tomorrow is shopping day, so I didn’t have any fresh meat in the refrigerator. I did bake a loaf of gluten-free sorghum bread earlier in the day, but I needed something to go with it. I put on my creative thinking cap, pulled some odds and ends vegetables out of the frig and came up with this:

veggies on eggs

That’s right. Veggies on eggs. Here are a few comments that came from the family:

The Recipe:
I chopped up and sautéed in butter: asparagus, orange pepper, leeks, and green onions. I set the veggies aside and scrambled the eggs in the same skillet. I made two eggs per person and added seasoned salt. I then spread the eggs out on a platter and topped them with the veggies. I served it with the fresh bread which everyone loves.

There was one more comment that came from the table as I finished off a few stray veggies, “Mom just took a leek.” Sigh. Smile. Life with four guys. You gotta laugh.

Although it’s not time for What’s for Dinner Wednesday, I wanted to tell you about tonight’s dinner. I also wanted to participate in the. If you haven’t visited Erin’s blog, she has lots of great inexpensive dinner ideas. She also has a child who eats gluten free.

For more great recipes, visit  Slightly Indulgent Tuesday, $5 Dinner Challenge, and Ultimate Recipe Swap.

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Great idea. Quick, easy, cheap and uses up the food in the frig. Don't know if my little ones would eat it, but I'll have to try it one night. Thanks. Loved the comments from the family. :)
Linda,this looks so good.What a great idea.Hope you have a great evening!Blessings, Faye
great job! Love cooking out of the refrigerator.
looks wonderful!

I have had asparagus and eggs together and they are a great pair!
Yum! I love veggies and eggs. And, quick dinners are always a bonus in my book. Thanks for linking to Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays! BTW - love your new profile pic!

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