March 24, 2009


Beef Barbecue Sandwich

beef barbeque sandwich

This sandwich idea, whether it’s beef barbecue or some other filling, is an all time favorite at my house. For this particular sandwich, I used leftover beef and added Bull’s-Eye Barbecue Sauce, which does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

Going back to the beef, the evening before we had this, I cooked two large chuck roasts in my pressure cooker. One we had for dinner, the other I saved for this meal. It was perfect beef for barbecue—falling apart and stringy. I trimmed the fat, cut it or pulled it apart with a fork, and heated it in a sauce pan with the barbecue sauce.

What really makes this sandwich great, though, is the bread. I used the same focaccia bread recipe that I told you makes great hamburger buns. I put the dough into a 9 inch cake pan and a 10 inch springform pan. Two cake pans would also work. After it baked, I removed it from the pan and let it cool about 5 minutes.

beef sandwich 2I then sliced the loaves in half horizontally. I used an electric knife which worked great. If it’s gummy in the middle, it needs to cool more.

beef sandwich 3 Next, I spread the meat on the bottom pieces and placed the tops on them.

beef sandwich 4 beef sandwich 5

Since the bread and filling were both warm, I simply cut the big sandwiches into wedges and served them.

The two sandwiches were enough to feed my family of five with half of one left over. They were filling, but tasted so good, we hated to stop eating. That’s the kind of meal a mom likes to serve. We had a spinach salad with it which was good, and healthy, but definitely took second place to the sandwiches.

Try this with different fillings. Anything that is good in a hot sandwich will work, such as ham and cheese. Get creative, and try different sauces such as salad dressing or olive oil to add moisture. If you put a cold filling on the sandwich, simply wrap it in foil and return it to the hot oven for 15 – 20 minutes.

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I am really going to have to try that focaccia bread recipe. That bread looks fantastic! Thanks for the recipe!
That focaccia looks heavenly! Thanks for the tip about bbq sauce.
Yum - that looks delicious!
I think we may have these sandwiches this week!!
That looks really delicious, what a great idea!
Barbecue beef is a favorite. The bread is what disappoints us. Will give your recipe a go. Love the one big sandwich sliced idea, instead of attempting individual buns.
That looks good. Remindes me of what I am making tonight . Cornbread Empanadas!!
BBQ beef sandwhiches are one of my husband's favorite meals.
Oops, I am sorry I added my name to the Gluten Free dinner sites. I was just trying to comment. I guess I could post a meal. I have not done that before on my blog. I am more a reader of blogs than I am a blog poster. This UBP has been a great learning experience for me. My middle daughter does have Celiac's and I love to cook so I will be visiting your site again. Thank you for all of the great resources.
I need to try your bread recipe, it looks great. Thanks for sharing
stopping by from the UBP! come visit if you can.
Linda, that sandwich looks great! I have to try that!!
Wow, this recipe is right up my husbands alley. I'll have to try it out. I've yet to make focaccia bread and yours looks delicious. Can't go wrong with BBQ either.
Wow, that good ole barbeque was my favourite thing from my time in the States back in the day!
You're list is growing and the meals look good. Great job!

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