February 13, 2009


Gluten-Free With No Apologies


“Your mom’s cookies are amazing.”  That is what a teenage girl recently said to my son.  She was referring to some pudding cookies I made (chocolate pudding with white chips).  She had no idea they were gluten-free.

That’s not an isolated incidence.  I recently made the same recipe using banana cream pudding and chocolate chips.  One teenage boy who couldn’t stop eating them said, “I think they’re better than Miss Mildred’s cookies.”  Those words might be considered akin to blasphemy in our church.  You see, Mildred makes THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.  I’m sure most people would not agree with this kid, but to even come close to those cookies is an honor.

I never apologize for serving gluten-free food.  Never.  I don’t have to.  My family and our friends enjoy the gluten-free meals and baked goods that I prepare as much, if not more than, their gluten counterparts.  I don’t have substitutes for every wheat based recipe there is, but that doesn’t matter.  We enjoy a great wealth of delicious gluten-free food.  I hope I am able to help some of you do the same.


We do the same at our house, no apologies. We are so lucky to have the resources, recipes,and flours to do this for families and our friends.
That's right: no apologies! Wheat doesn't equal tasty. Most people are surprised that my baked goods are gluten-free. There are many recipes where gluten is completely unnecessary or even a burden. (When your recipe begs you to "mix together quickly just until wet" it is asking you to please not develop the gluten in the flour.) Congrats on the compliments to your cookies!

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