January 23, 2009


Keeping Warm in the House

We all know that lowering the thermostat in the winter saves money. The problem is staying warm while still being able to function around the house. Here are some ways I have found to keep warm without bulk. I don’t use all of these ideas at once. Since I live in Maryland where winters are not too harsh, one or two of them is often enough.

If you want to save money, try turning back the thermostat a couple of degrees and using some alternative ways to stay warm. What are your stay-warm ideas?

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Great ideas.... but I am curious... do your boys wear these things too? I know I could do this myself, but not sure about the kids. Although I guess if it was cold enough they would wear something.
Hi! We shared some tips for lowering the electric bill and got some good comments that you might like - http://www.econobusters.com/?p=217.

However, I'd love for you to join us on Fridays and post something in our Gluten-Free Friday post. We just started it today - http://www.econobusters.com/?p=315 - I'll be sure to feature you one Friday as well in the next few weeks! Both of our families have gluten/celiac issues so it's always nice to find a new GF blog!

Good question Happy Housewife. Two of my kids rarely get cold in the house and spend most of the winter in tee shirts or at most a long sleeved shirt. When the other gets cold, he wraps up in a blanket or puts on a fleece pullover. The each got an under armour shirt for Christmas and a couple of them will wear that on very cold days.
I love to throw a large afgan over me when I am on the couch. But it does make it difficult when I need to get up and go do something! So I wear a stocking cap and a large flannel shirt to help keep me warm.

I have been getting much good use out of these techniques the past few days as our furnace has broken. We only have a couple small electric heaters working now (able to keep the house in the 50 degree range), so hopefully we will have it fixed before tonight when the forecast is for twenty below zero!
I layer too. Tank tops under shirts and leggings under my skirts really help keep me warm when our house is chilly. Some people have trouble with their leggings sticking to the skirt. Here is what we do: rub the inside of your skirt with a drier sheet. No more static cling! We live in central Texas, where it is very warm and turn our furnace completely off at night. An extra blanket does the job if it gets below freezing over night.
We only have baseboard heaters. We rarely turn them on. We bundle up too! Also, a nice warm cup of tea always goes a long way.
I've been trying to reduce the heat and so have also been wearing layers. I would love to find some long underwear, but that is difficult to find in plus sizes. I find wearing a hat inside helps a lot. My son thinks I am nuts, but it works :)

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