January 7, 2009


Egg and Pasta Casserole

Here is my casserole creation for the week. I intended to go to the grocery store today, but it has been pouring down rain so I decided to wait until tomorrow. Since I hadn’t gotten any meat out of the freezer, I had to give some thought to my protein options. I decided on eggs and cheese because I had plenty, and we love them. I combined the eggs with pasta and my own sauce. The sauce amounts given are just an estimate; I didn’t measure the ingredients.

egg & pasta casserole 2

Gluten-Free Egg and Pasta Casserole


Sauce egg & pasta casserole


Combine the pasta, eggs, and cheese. In a separate bowl, combine the sauce ingredients. Add to the other ingredients and toss to coat. Spoon into a medium sized casserole dish (2 1/2 – 3 quart). Sprinkle some additional cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

This was very good. As I said, we love eggs, and this casserole was just another great way to eat them!

So what did you have for dinner?

Visit The W.H.O.L.E. Gang for more egg recipes.

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Rain does the same thing to me. I'd rather stay in and get creative with what I have than brave the elements.
Wow, I never thought about using hard boiled eggs this way. This looks interesting and something my vegetarian son might eat. Thanks!

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