December 11, 2008


Making a Christmas Gift Bag

This evening I'm home with my recovering puppy, but the rest of my family is at a party. They each had to take a white elephant gift with them, and I found myself scrambling to put one more gift together just before dinner. The item I had didn't fit in any gift bags I had, and I didn't want to take the time to wrap it. What I did took more time than wrapping it would have, but it was much more fun.

I found a brown paper bag with Pier One written in the middle on both sides. It was a nice bag with handles, though, so I thought I would decorate it. I didn't have stamps, and that wouldn't solve the problem of the name. Since I had a box of paper to be recycled sitting out for tomorrow's pick up, I decided to look through it. I had several catalogs from places like Harry & David and The Popcorn Factory. They were full of great Christmas pictures. I sat down and started cutting and gluing and ended up with the pictures you see. The kids and I both thought it turned out pretty well.

I saved the wrapping paper and used something I had on hand. What resourceful means have you used to wrap gifts this season?

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I really like this idea. Another thought would be to simply stamp them with Christmas stamps and inks. Or if your kids have Christmas stickers to stick those on.
Great idea!

I use to have my kids colour the bags or decorate them, but now they are too old for it to be "cue". LOL

I love your idea!
I went to a thrift shop and bought a reusable "gift sack" for 50 cents. It was just a simple sewn bag made of silky Christmas fabric with a fancy ribbon sewn on to close the bag. If I were really resourceful, I could have sewn one myself, but this was the next best thing.

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