September 26, 2008


Making Napkin Rings

Last week I wrote a post about making cloth napkins. I mentioned a tip I had picked up from another site about using different napkin rings for each member of the family. Used, but not too dirty napkins can then be saved and identified for later use by putting them in the napkin rings.

homemade clay napkin rings
This week my 12-year-old son and I made some clay napkin rings. My son made most of the ones shown including the pretty purple flower for me and the hammer and saw for his dad.

Here are a few tips for making clay napkin rings and working with clay in general.

1)Buy a single ceramic tile from a home improvement store. Look for one that has a smooth surface. Use this to work with the clay and roll it out. When the piece is ready for baking, leave it on the tile and put it in the oven.

2)Having special tools isn't necessary, but if you work with clay much it is very helpful. My son put tools on his birthday list last year. This picture shows a few that he uses often.
Sculpey clay and tools on a ceramic tile
3)To bake the napkin rings, I slipped them over the neck of a glass bottle. This helped them hold their shape and not get flat on the bottom.

4)We didn't do this, but putting a piece of wire inside the ring will add strength.

5)Be creative and have fun!

I hope this can count as a Frugal Friday post since it's about making something rather than buying it. For more frugal ideas go here.


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Those are too cute and easy looking, too! Thanks for sharing! :D

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