February 1, 2011


Kitchen Tip: Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Tip
Are you one of those people who has all kinds of papers on the sides and front of your refrigerator?  If so, you might consider using the inside of your cabinet doors instead.  I use sticky tackto post telephone numbers and recycling information on the inside of upper cabinet doors.  This keeps them clean and neat, easily accessible, and out of sight.  You can save your refrigerator for things you really want to see all the time, or maybe keep it cleaned off.

Here is my city’s recycle information that I printed from their web site.  When I have a question about what is acceptable for recycling, I open a cabinet door and find out.  I keep a recycling container under my kitchen sink, so I keep this list in an upper cabinet near the sink.

recycle guide
I also have a small list of phone numbers that are seldom used, like the closest urgent care facility, the veterinary hospital, doctors, and a few others.  I don’t want to put them in my phone’s address book, but I also don’t want to search for them when they are needed.  I have the number’s typed up and posted inside a cabinet door that is closest to the telephone.

blue question mark
What types of information do you like to have easy access to in your kitchen?


I keep a paper on my cupboard door that has measurements for food (1 cup = 16 Tbls, 1/2 cup = 8 Tbls, 1 Tbls = 3 tsp, etc) to help me when I am making only half of a recipe. It is nice to have the chart handy when I need to double check my math!
Great kitchen tips. Thank for sharing!
I have the recipes that I use most often taped on the inside of my cabinet. Bread, baked oatmeal, pancakes. I also have the recipes for the things I buy in bulk and then put into smaller packages like instant potatoes and quinoa.
This is a wonderful idea -- keeps the information where you find it easily without having it visible all the time.

I also like having handy some of my most basic recipes and a few critical conversions (like how much baking chocolate = cocoa + butter).
I'm going to have to send my sister here, if she's not already a follower. She recently found out that she has a gluten sensitivity.

Since I don't have kitchen cabinets right now, I don't have any space to utilize, but I'm going to have to keep this in mind for when I do!

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I do exactly the same,, well... almost... not as neat as yours ;o)
I use post-it notes with information from recipes to shopping list, very convenient. For the shopping list, you just have to remove it from your cabinet and stick it to your cart handle at the supermarket.
I'm not a fridge magnet kind of person, much better inside the cabinet doors :o)
I am blessed to have an antique "Hoosier Cupboard." It was my mother's, and old when she bought it. On the inside of the upper cabinet doors are several things that SHE put there. (She died 27 years ago this month.) Substitution lists, a few recipes and useful information. I love having that there.
Great Tips, Thanks I will to try it.


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