February 4, 2011


Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Cook Top & Oven

Clean Kitchen
It’s a new month and time for a new cleaning task.  How did January go for you?  I heard from a number of you who cleaned your sinks, windows, and lights.  A couple of you didn’t clean those things but were motivated to do some other kitchen cleaning that really needed to be done.  I’m glad we can help motivate each other.  I know it helped me to hear back from you.

I finished January’s tasks by cleaning the two ceiling fans with lights in my kitchen.  I removed the glass globes and washed them, and I dusted and washed the fan blades.

About my kitchen sink, a few of you suggested baking soda and vinegar.  I tried that and it did clean the sink well, but did not remove stains.  I have ordered Bar Keeper’s Friend and am waiting for that to arrive.  Several people suggested it and I have read good things about it also.  We’ll so how it goes.

large stove  (not my kitchen – image via office.microsoft.com)

February:  Clean Your Cook Top and Oven

Stoves can be very dirty places.  For a deep cleaning, I suggest you remove all the pieces that can be removed and clean them well.  This includes parts of your burners as well as knobs.  I have a smooth top stove and have found that the product Sears sells to clean it works very well.  I’m sure there are others also.  I use it regularly, but it doesn’t take much so a bottle lasts a long time.

My oven doesn’t tend to get too dirty, but one reason I wanted to do this job in February is so I can use the self cleaning feature and not mind the heat it produces.  If you don’t have a self cleaning oven, you’ll just have to use some elbow grease.  Remember to clean the outside as well as the inside, and don’t forget the drawer under your oven if you have one.  I use mine to store skillets and pot holders.  I need to go through what’s in there and declutter it as well as clean it.

inside of oven
If you have a range hood or fan over your cook top, that should be cleaned as well.  They tend to collect grease and dust so have your grease cutting cleaners ready.

If you have a free standing oven/stove, I suggest you pull it out and clean the outer sides of it as well as your cabinets, walls and floors in the place where it sits.  Now don’t do this unless you have some help and can do it without harming yourself or your floor.

Some microwaves, like mine, are mounted over the stove and act as a range hood.  If that’s the case, you could clean just the underside of the microwave. Mine is new so I’m going to skip that. Microwaves and toaster ovens will be cleaned another month, but if you finish this early, you could certainly move on to them.
blue question mark
What are your favorite cleaners for this kind of job?  I’ll tell you about one of mine in next week’s kitchen tip.


I've been doing a lot of these chores and have more to do with our Valentine's Day party coming up. We have guests that night as well as overnight guests, some staying for a few days, so it's important for me to have everything in tip top shape. I used the self-cleaning feature on my oven just last week. I do love that feature, but only use it in cold weather like you said. I don't pull out my stove, but I clean the "grooves" on the side with my old rags. I hate to waste things, so hubby's discarded white cotton socks get washed, cut open with scissors to make a flat piece of terry cloth, and are then used as rags. (I can continue to recycle them after use by washing them or throw them away if they get really gunky.)

Barkeeper's Friend is wonderful. I'm surprised you couldn't find it locally, Linda. Even our basic grocery store carries it. You'll be set once you get it though. It lasts a very long time. A substitute for bleach in all cleaning (even laundry) is some Borax and water. Not sure it would do the trick on your stains, but it might if you have some and want to try it before your BKF arrives.

Other things I'll be doing are washing curtains, wiping down kitchen cabinets, washing all light fixtures, and reorganizing my linen closet.

Thanks for the cleaning inspiration, Linda! I need it. :-)

My self cleaning oven makes a terrible stink. I try to do it on a cool autumn or spring day where it won't overheat my kitchen, but i can have the door open because of the odor.
About your sink, have you tried coating it with all fabric bleach after wetting it down? It takes out all kinds of stains. What about chlorine bleach? I have stainless steel so I use a metal cleaner. You'd be surprised how much dirt it gets out even when the sink looks clean!
Oh my, I'm having kitchen envy. LOVE your stove picture.
Great Blog and great article, love your pic


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