January 22, 2011


Surfing Saturday 1/22/11

image Image via office.microsoft.com

Subway Testing Gluten-Free Sandwiches
USDA Scientists Produce Palatable Gluten-Free Bread
Gluten Free But Still Feeling Ill?

Cooking/Recipes (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational)
West Bay Johnnycake Recipe
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Healthy Soups
Sea Salt & Gourmet Salts Guide

Hints and Things
Household Products Database - Health & Safety Information
Project Laundry List

7 Collaborative Storytelling Websites
How Much Data is That?

Animal/Nature Photos
Dogs in Snow
Various Animals in Snow
Blue Flower
Waterfall Scenic Photo


I'd heard about Subway's new GF options. Probably not the healthiest GF sandwich, but hey, it would make traveling, work lunch breaks, and trips to the mall w/ the girls easier, so I'd be interested in trying it!

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