January 21, 2011


Keeping a Clean Kitchen Update

Clean Kitchen
When I published the first Keeping a Clean Kitchen challenge last week, I wasn’t sure how people would respond.  Honestly, I was afraid it would be a real flop.  While I didn’t get an overwhelming response, I was happy to receive a few comments and a number of emails from readers who thought it was a great idea.  I even received before and after pictures from one reader.

As promised, here is an update on how I am coming along with January’s tasks.

First, I gave my sink a thorough cleaning.  I do this on a regular basis since the sink does get very dirty and can harbor germs.  Also, my sink is white so the dirt really shows.  I’ve not been happy with my white sink.  I’m not sure what material it is made of, but it has scratches, nicks, and stains.  I very seldom use chlorine bleach since it gives me a long lasting head ache.  It’s just not worth it.  I usually use powdered OxyClean in the sink as a bleach alternative.  I have also used Borax and baking soda, and of course, regular liquid dish washing detergent.  If anyone has any tips for getting this particular type of sink clean, I would love to hear from you.

The sink pictures didn’t turn out well, but here’s an after photo to show that I did clean it.  The marks you see if you look closely are stains.

sink - clean
Next, I cleaned my kitchen window.  It is not big, but it is right above my sink (as most are) and gets dirty from sink splashes and such.  I cleaned the window inside and out as well as the window sill, frame, and the track that the window slides on.

  kitchen window - clean
I really enjoy my kitchen and the view.  In fact, when we bought this house, it was primarily chosen for the kitchen (it’s potential at the time) and the back yard.  We had the fish pond redone and added the waterfall.  I especially love it when a great blue heron happens to drop by and visit the pond.  Of course, it looks much greener in the spring.

Next, I went to work on an 8 foot sliding glass door in the eating part of the kitchen.  It really is a door, but it’s also a window and it needed to be cleaned.  I didn’t clean all of the outside because of the cold weather, but I cleaned the inside windows, frames, track, and the vertical blinds.

It was difficult to get a picture that showed the dirt on this window.  Our two dogs love to stand at the window and look outside so there is one strip on the lower part that is covered with dog nose marks.  You can vaguely see it in the lower part of this picture:

sliding glass doors - dirtyOne thing I have found that helps with these nose marks is to put RainX (the kind you use on a car windshield) on that part of the door.  It keeps the door looking clean longer and makes it easer to wash the marks off.  If you give it a try, do a small area first.   Applying it so that it does not leave a cloudy film can be a bit tricky.  Here is the window after it was washed.

sliding glass doors - clean
The dirt in this lower door track is a bit easier to see than that on the window.  I vacuumed up the loose dirt, then used the damp paper towels that I had used on the window to get the worst of the dirt up.  Then cleaned it again with a clean towel.

sliding door track - dirty
It didn’t look perfect in the end, but certainly better.

sliding door track - clean
Still to be done:  Two ceiling fans with lights.

How is it coming along at your house?


Love your tips Linda, I am DEFINITELY going to try using RainX, not only do my dogs leave their nose prints, but my kiddos are just as bad with their hand prints, LOL!

The window tracks are my nemesis, especially living in the windy desert...I might just have to raise a white flag on that one. :-D
I worry about using chemical treatments and cleaners in my house because my husband and I both have so many allergies. One or both of us seem to react to nearly everything and many products contain gluten. Some might say if you aren't going to eat them, no problem, but some studies suggest that it can enter the bloodstream through the skin and be inhaled in vapor particulates. I am sensitive enough I don't risk it.
Linda,I have a thought for you sink that should work well. Wet it lightly with water, then sprinkle baking soda over all surfaces. Spray vinegar from spritz bottle until the baking soda is covered and foaming nicely, then let sit for about ten minutes. This is usually all it takes, but if you want to, make use of the gentle scouring action the baking soda will give you and use circular motions to get scrub sink out before rinsing with hot water.
This also kills germs!
Ah, the enamel sink! The previous owner used bleach to clean the sink and it ate the finish off, thats why they stain so easy. I heard from May Hunt (Debt Proof Living) to use Barkeepers Friend. It is non abrasive and cheap! I bought Gel Gloss to recoat it after I clean it, but haven't had the time yet. Works on the tub too!
Bon Ami works great on white sinks, I wish my Cub Foods still carried it, now I have to run to Wal-Hell
I really liked your article about how to give your sink a really good cleaning...and followed your directions...thanks..I felt like the sink was really clean when I got done..now on to the bathroom sinks. (Oh- I have a sink like yours...really do not love mine either..but a sink mat really does help)
I agree about the Barkeeper's Friend- it is a great product. I use it on my sink and also on all of my pans that are stainless or copper. I also use it on my broiler pan after I have gotten the heavy food bits off.
The sink that I have now is stainless and I love it. I also have a metal rack liner in it that I love too. My previous sink was white like yours and the Barkeeper's Friend was the only thing that cleaned up the scratches and the stains that get in them.
I need to give my sink a good cleaning now too. I use an old toothbrush in the garbage disposal, even down inside. You can do it with the water running because you will need to keep rinsing the toothbrush off- gross! I use some bleach when it's all clean (and then throw the toothbrush away!)
You're so right about the doggie nose prints! At one point we had a large dog AND a small dog -- two rows of nose prints :-( I'll definitely try some Rain-X. We have a 2-story high window near our front door, so it gets lots of nose prints, finger prints and even an occasional forehead mark. (I guess someone leans on the window to look to the side of the deck??)

My hardest job this week turned out to be the cobwebs and dust on my ceiling fans. Those couldn't wait any longer when I noticed how thoroughly an enterprising spider had decorated one of the fans. I couldn't tell if I got the spider, though, so I'm watching for new signs of web building...not the internet kind, either.
Oh dear. Dirt in the tracks of the sliding doors! I know I need to get on my hands and knees and clean mine. Not a pleasant job, especially since we live in a glass house and most of our walls are glass doors, so it takes me forever!
I am way behind on the kitchen cleaning project, but I plan to have it completed by this weekend. I hope you will have more project assignments to complete.

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