January 13, 2011


Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Sink, Windows, & Lights

Clean Kitchen
I don’t know about you, but in January I always get the urge to organize and clean.  I’ve been thinking about this series for some months, but I’m a little late in getting it started.  My intention is for it to be a new type of monthly challenge.  Each month I will give you a small doable part of your kitchen to clean really well.  I find that even though I clean all the time, there are certain areas that get overlooked or don’t get cleaned as thoroughly as they should. 

I considered posting a new cleaning challenge twice a month, but that comes around so quickly, and I would rather that some people be way ahead than to leave people behind.  In other words, I know many of you will clean more, but I wanted to set a pace everyone could easily keep up with.  Anyway, this is not the only kitchen cleaning you will be doing, this is just for deep cleaning.  About midway through each challenge time I will post an update on how my cleaning is going and give you some before and after shots. 

lady at kitchen sink
Having said that I want to give you plenty of time, January is now half over, and you only have 2 1/2 weeks to complete this month’s cleaning task.  That’s why I picked one that shouldn’t be too time consuming for most of us, and your sink is something you are probably cleaning well on a regular basis anyway.  Here’s what you should do (and anything else you think of in these areas):

Sink:  Remove and wash (I put mine in the dish washer) sink plugs and strainers that sit in the drain.  Wash and disinfect as much as you can in the drain opening.  Clean inside and around your sink, and get the faucet handle nice and shiny.  You can use powders such as Borax, OxyClean, and baking soda to scour your sink.  Don’t forget your garbage disposal.  I don’t use mine much, but I’ve heard that egg shells are good for cleaning it.  A lemon rind will help it smell fresh.

Windows:  Most people have one small sink window.  I also have a large sliding glass door in the eating area of my kitchen.  Wash the window inside and out (if you can).

Lights:  This really depends on what type of light you have. Remove and wash any glass globes.  If you have a ceiling fan, be sure to clean the blades.

Lets get cleaning! Are you with me?  I would love for you to leave a comment or send me an email letting me know you have completed the month’s cleaning task.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do a wrap up listing the names of people who participated.


Great reminder. Now I just need to find someone to do this for me. :-)
This is a great idea. I'll be working on my sink, window, and light fixture this weekend. Look forward to seeing what's for next month.
Great Idea! Cleaning is not so overwhelming when you break it down.
Please be careful about recommending egg shells in the garbage disposal. They're not appropriate for septic systems, as the bacteria cannot digest. Also avoid putting in too many (i.e. use sparingly)
Another good thing for your dishwasher is to put ice cubes in it, it helps keep the blades sharp.

I don't know about other people, but a lot of times I put off cleaning to the point where it gets overwhelming..and then it gets worse. I've discovered that a good way to combat that is to clean while I'm cooking. If something needs to simmer on the stove or cook in the oven, I clean during that time until it's time to eat. That way I actually get cleaning done and I know how much time I'll spend cleaning so I don't feel like I'll be doing it all day.
I actually cleaned my kitchen last weekend. I just can't stand it if it's dirty. Sometimes it will get ignored for a little while, and then I'll just HAVE to do it! Lol
I like your reminder of these. I'll add them in. I'm working on cleaning my maple cupboards with Murphy's Oil to clean and restore the oils in the wood.
Next weekend will be vacuuming out the cupboard inside of the island (cereal drawer)
I would like to hear more organic cleaning tips. What is the best window cleaner?

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