December 31, 2010


Make a Gluten-Free Biscuit Challenge

Monthly Challenge7 It’s the last day of December and time to think about January’s gluten-free challenge.  Breads are certainly one of the biggest challenges of gluten-free baking.  Biscuits, however, are on the easier end of the bread spectrum.  For this challenge I would like you to make a gluten-free drop biscuit or rolled biscuit.  Biscuits are typically a quick bread that does not use yeast.  For the record, I won’t be highlighting dinner rolls; this challenge is just for biscuits.

Yeast gives breads a nice flavor, but the advantage of using baking powder and/or baking soda is that it’s fast.  If you have a bread lover in your family, biscuits can be a quick way to satisfy that craving.  I like using them as a quick accompaniment to soup or as part of an eggs and sausage type breakfast meal.

I don’t have many biscuit recipes on my site.  Our favorite is this drop biscuit which turns out delightfully soft.  I have tried rolled biscuits numerous times and have never found one I am happy with.  I might continue experimenting this month with the hopes of finding something worth sharing.

Drop Biscuits
drop biscuits
How to Share Your Biscuits:  Any Wednesday in January you can come to this blog and link your biscuit recipe as part of Gluten-Free Wednesdays blog carnival.  Please follow the carnival guidelines.  Each week I highlight entries from the previous week that are related to the monthly challenge.  That means that in January I’ll be highlighting biscuit recipes.

If you are not a blogger, feel free to send me an email and tell about your biscuits.  If you would like to write up your recipe and send it to me along with a photo (use good lighting but no flash), I will consider posting your recipe on my blog.


Yum, love biscuits. Great challenge, especially for gf beginners!
I'll be looking forward to looking for the outcome of this. I haven't found a gf biscuit recipe I like yet.
When I make drop biscuits, I drop them into greased muffin tins. Makes a really nice looking biscuit.

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