December 10, 2010


Free For All Cooking Review & Giveaway

Free for All Cooking
I love the subtitle of this cookbook:  150 Easy Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Recipes the Whole Family can Enjoy.  150 is a nice number of recipes for a cookbook.  Easy is always nice.  Gluten free is essential.  Allergy friendly is very helpful.  And pleasing the whole family is always my goal.  So this cookbook interested me, especially after reading the following:
“In this versatile cookbook, gluten-free cooking expert Jules Shepard offers uncompromisingly delicious gluten-free recipes that can also be made free of many major allergen ingredients—dairy, nuts, soy, eggs, and more—to fit your unique dietary requirements.”
Part I of the book covers Ingredients and Substitutions and Baking Notes.  The information on substitutions is key if you are dealing with any food allergies on top of a gluten-free diet.  Jules lists 12 egg substitutes and other helpful tips like getting a nutty texture or taste without nuts. 

Having recently gone dairy free, I was a little disappointed in some of the recipes.   I’m fine with substituting the basic dairy ingredients of milk and butter.  But if a recipe includes yogurt, sour cream, half-and-half, or cream cheese, I do not consider it to be dairy-free friendly.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of recipes in this book without those ingredients.  But several of the recipes I was interested in did have such ingredients, and I  didn’t want to go buy special items to make them.  You won’t be disappointed if you just keep in mind that this book is trying to cover many major allergens, and some recipes are more friendly than others depending on which allergens you are trying to avoid.

Jules' apple cranberry cobbler
There is one thing I thought I would not like about this cookbook and that is the fact that it uses Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.  I have never tried this flour mix because I do not care for its ingredients.  Other than corn flour it does not contain any whole grain flour.  I have brought up this issue with other cookbooks I have reviewed.  I’m not saying that I always use whole grain flours.  There are times, particularly with desserts, when I use a “white flour” mix.  However, I prefer to use whole grains as much as I can, and I like cookbooks that use them also.  In addition, I do not like being dependent on expensive flour mixes, especially since I mill many of my own flours.

Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to find that Jules provides a homemade flour mix recipe with many options including the use of whole grain flours such as buckwheat, sorghum, millet, and brown rice.

I followed her flour mix recipe and used whole grains to make her apple cranberry cobbler, and it turned out great!  The whole family did enjoy it.

The Giveaway
One lucky winner will receive a copy of this cookbook.  To enter you must be a U.S. or Canadian resident, and you must leave a comment on this post.  Leave a separate comment for each entry.  Please make sure I have a way to contact you.  Up to four entries per person:
The giveaway will end on Wednesday, December 15th at 11:00 p.m. eastern time.  After the winner is contacted, I  will announce the winner on my Facebook page.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a free copy of this cookbook.  The opinions in this post are my own.


Thanks, Linda, for introducing me to Jules' book. I must admit that I have my own favorites, too, for flour mixes, and I hesitate to invest in a cookbook that I might not be able to use if I don't have a particular brand of flour mix on hand. I was happy to see that she includes a homemade flour mix with options.

The apple cranberry cobbler looks delicious!
I recently tried Jules Gluten Free Flour and found it to be a good substitute for white flour. I would love to try her recipes and especially would like to see her recipes for flour mixes.
I have used Jules GF Flour and it is great for when you need a white flour mix. I just made her apple cranberry cake recipe with it and it was delicious.

I have used Jules flour and I like it a good bit. It can be somewhat clumpy if it isn't sifted and handled properly (handle delicately and lightly). It was the first all purpose gluten free flour I used after diagnosis so I trained on it!

I do follow you on email, facebook and twitter, so please sign me up! I would love a copy!

Angela Webster
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I have been recently diagnosed with celiacs and have been following your blog to give me some confidence that gluten free home baking does work.
Oh wow, love that it doesn't rely just on her flour mixture, that's nice to know!
I am a fan of yours on facebook. :)
I also subscribed to you via google reader.
Oh, and I follow you on Twitter now too!
I have not tried Jule's flour, but I have been wanting to. This cookbook would be perfect for us because my son is currently avoiding gluten, dairy, eggs, corn and peanuts.
I am a fan on facebook
I subscribe to your blog via email.
I have not purchased Jules flour mainly due to the shipping costs to Northwestern Alberta Canada. I would like to try it sometime.

nvhanson at
I follow you on facebook

nvhanson @
I also recieve your email updates, thanks for sharing

nvhanson @
I would love a good GF cookbook! I am a new follower on Facebook!
I can't say I've tried her mix. And given it's ingredients, I probably wouldn't. I don't like rice flour. But I am curious about her recipes since they are not all based on her base flour. Although honestly if I liked them I'd alter them.

I've recently found a purchased sub for half and half. And I'm going to try homemade coconut yogurt since the store bought has worked in quite a few recipes but is so expensive.
Hi there, Just found this blog because I am gluten free as well as a daughter and several grand children. I've had trouble with converting recipes to gluten free so am anxious to see this cookbook. I haven't tried her flour but will search for it now.
I'm going to follow you as well.
I have not tried Jules Gluten Free flour mix yet.
I subscribe via e-mail.
I haven't cooked with Jules Gluten Free flour, but I've had cookies made with it. They were good.
I subscribe via RSS
Hi I just became a follower so enter me again.
I have not tried her flour mix, but I would love to try it if I received this book!
Hi I also added you on Facebook.
I am subscriber!
I have not tried Jules gluten free flour mix, though I've heard of it.
heidikittelson at gmail dot com
Subscribed to your email.
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Like you on facebook. (Heidi L Kittelson)
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heidikittelson at gmail dot com
I have not tried Jules Gluten Free Flour Mix yet.
I subscribe to your feed via e-mail
I follow you on Facebook.
Hi Linda,

I receive your newsletter and I am also a friend on Facebook. I do use Jules Gluten Free flour and would like some new recipes to try with it.
•Tell me if you have tried Jules Gluten Free Flour Mix and how you like it.

Have not tried Jules Gluten Free Flour Mix, so brand new to the Gluten Free journey since the diagnosis of my 9 yr old with Celiac Disease
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Following you on Twitter, TYOU
OOh, that cobbler looks GREAT would love to try it!

I've never used the mix. I'm learning to cook for a sick friend who is gluten intolerant. I've a long way to go. Flour mix is on my list to buy today. So will look for it.
I have tried Jules GF Flour Mix and I am really happy with it.
thbshelton [at]
Facebook fan
thbshelton [at]
I subscribe to your e-mails
thbshelton [at]
I am being tested for celiac and have been using your site for recipes. I would love a cook book! I subscribe to your emails and am now a facebook fan. I have never used the flour mix and I don't do twitter. My email is
I have never tried Jules flour as I am corn intollerant :( Jill
I just "liked" you on FB :) Jill
I am already subscribed to your email :)

Thanks for the great, honest review of this cookbook. I too love the subtitle, and the title! It's great to know about the dairy-free friendliness too. Thanks Linda. I've never tried her mixes but would love to!
I have not tried Jules flour yet. I have only recently (about 4 months) been diagnosed and gone gluten free. A cookbook like this would help me navigate the recipe conversions - especially the substitutions section! Your blog and emails have really been so helpful. I subscribe to the emails, and follow on facebook.

I've tried Jules's flour, and it's been fine for what I've tried it in. I haven't made much with it, and I'm looking forward to trying some cookie recipes with it! (palila at gmail)
I also subscribe via RSS (palila at gmail.)
I havent tried Jules flour yet, but plan on purchasing as soon as I'm out of the flours I'm currently using. I can't wait!
I subscribe to your email updates!
I have not tried Jules flour mix yet, so I can't say whether I like it. I still feel like we are new to the whole gluten-free baking, even though I have 4 daughters with Celiac, the first diagnosed 18 months ago.
I just bought some of Jules Flour for my holiday baking. Would love a copy of the cookbook.

And thank you for your Spritzer cookie recipes. Handsdown the best GF spritzer recipe we've tried.

Nicole27202 -at- fontier -dot- com
I have not tried it although I would love the opportunity :)
I have used Jules All Purpose flour to make sugar cookies and pie crusts and it worked very well! It rolled out nicely and the sugar cookies turned out awesome!
I follow you on FB!
I already follow you on Twitter!
I subscribe to your blog via email!!
I LOVE Jules flour. I have been able to make all of my old recipes by easily substituting her flour for wheat flour. No one even knows their GF! I have been following your blog for quite awhile. I am about to "like you" on FB. My email is Thanks for sharing such great info on your blog. My daughter has been GF for 5 years and I still get great ideas from you!
I haven't tried Jules GF flour mix, but with all the rave reviews above I might have to keep some in the pantry for those times when I don't feel like mixing up my own.
I have never tried Jules Gluten Free Mix because it was always to expensive to buy.
I follow with RSS feed.
I already "liked" you on facebook.
I follow you on Google reader!
I have not tried the flour. My mother is GF and I am always on the look out for recipes I can use when she is visiting.
I'm an RSS subscriber.
I've never used the jules flour mix but would love to give it a try.
I haven't used Jules GF flour mix.
I just liked you on facebook
I have not tried Jules flour because we are also corn free. I have friended you on facebook and am subscribed to your rss feed. I am interested in this book...
Thanks for all your sharing
Happy Holidays!
I follow you on FB.
I haven't tried Jules flour yet. I've heard a lot of good things about it, though!
I just signed up for email!
And Facebook too!
I haven't tried Jules yet. While I hear good things about it it is super expensive even on special offers. Awefully hard to bake on that kind of budget around hear. Maybe when work picks up...
I have tried Jules all -purpose flour for her lemon bars. I took them to a meeting and they received raves. No one could tell they were gluten free. I have also used her flour for frying chicken and fish. There was no difference in the taste.
I follow you on facebook


nvhanson at
I used Jule's gf flour mix and made her recipe for cornbread stuffing. It was great and everyone at Thanksgiving loved it.
I follow you by email!
I have tried Jules flour. It's good, but a little more expensive than I like.

rba718 at hotmail dot com
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rba718 at hotmail dot com

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