November 9, 2010


Live Gluten Freely Giveaway

Sunday I shared with you my experience at General Mills headquarters in Minneapolis.  Today I have a giveaway from General Mills through My Blog Spark.  General Mills now makes over 300 products that are labeled gluten free.  These products are made in a dedicated environment and are tested to less than 20 parts per million for gluten.  I prefer to consume products that are tested to 10 ppm and are part of an outside certification program such as GFCO.  Therefore, I only use products such as those in this giveaway occasionally.  Please remember that you are responsible for determining what products are safe for you or your loved one to eat.

Having said that, this is a great giveaway!  One winner will receive one of each of the products shown in the picture below.

Genera Mills Gluten Free Products
I was provided with all of the above products from General Mills through My Blog Spark.  If you’re interested in knowing more about these products, here are a few of my previous reviews:
I think Lara Bars are a great on-the-go snack filled with nuts and fruit.  Potato Buds are a terrific substitute for bread crumbs in recipes such as meatloaf, meatballs, and salmon/crab cakes.

If you would like to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this post. Email readers need to click over to my blog where you can leave an anonymous comment. Please make sure I have a way to contact you.  Up to four entries per person. You must leave separate comments for each entry.
The giveaway will end on Sunday, November 14th at 11:00 p.m. eastern time.  I will select the winner randomly using  Once contacted, the winner needs to respond within 24 hours.   After I have heard back from the winner, I  will announce the winner on my Facebook page.


I've heard a lot of good things about Lara Bars - would love to try that one out!
And I'm an RSS subscriber!
I would like to try out the yellow cake mix. It is so nice to have a quick option for when I am traveling or visiting family and want to pick up something at the store!
we tried the brownies and loved them. i would like to try the baking mix for a few of our favorite recipes!
my kids would love everything in that picture.
tcogbill at live dot com
i have "liked" in facebook, too:)
I'd like to try Lara Bar
tcarolinep at gmail dot com
I'm a subscriber
i would love to try the bisquick- i make pancakes almost every morning.
tcogbill at live dot com
@tcarolinep twitter follwoer
FB liker@tcarolinep JessieKatie S
i get your emails
tcogbill at live dot com
I'd be excited about trying the Potato Buds first. I've never used them and if they can be used as a bread crumb sub, I could easily make meatballs without having to make bread as well! That would be amazing! (I haven't gotten to a point that GF bread making is something I enjoy doing yet.)
and now i subscribed to the e-mails... thank you for the chance to win :) wilkinson6282 {at}
I'm an RSS follower of your blog as well and enjoy it so much. Thank you! :)
Lara Bars are what I want to try first.
Already an email subscriber
I liked you on Facebook!

Not really sure why my last comment posted as my blog name and the first posted as my name...Jessica and 'elenbomb' are one in the same. :)
Already like you on FB-shirley e
Already follow you on twitter -@countrynest
I wold like to try the gluten free bisquick. I cant find it yet in my local stores.
I LOVE your emails!
I've actually tried all of them. The yellow cake mix makes an awesome carrot cake. I got the recipe from the website. I made the brownies once but they ended up overcooked (my oven's reliability leaves a lot to be desired). Same thing happened when I made a coffee bread with the bisquick. Hmmm, maybe what I need is for someone to have an oven give-away.......
Having just tried the Bisquick this weekend, and loved it for pancakes. I would say the next thing I want to try is the Potato Buds - love your idea for use in Meatloaf!
Would love to try the new GF Bisquick!
I am also an email subscriber!
I subscribe to your email and would love to be able to try these products for free!
Haven't tried any of the Betty Crocker gf mixes, but have heard good things about them. Looking forward to trying them.
I'm so glad to have recently found your site! We love all the GF items in your post!
I am curious to try the bisquick!
I follow your blog!
I liked you on facebook =0)
I'd like to try the cake mix.

hewella1 at gmail dot com
I've never been able to find Lara bars locally so I'd love to try them!
I've followed your blog via rss on Google Reader for a while now!
I 'liked' you on Facebook!
I would like to use the gluten free cake mix first to make a cake for my mother-in-law. She can't have gluten.
heidikittelson at gmail dot com
I follow you on facebook and receive your emails! I so want to try the brownies!
Already subscribed to your email.
heidikittelson at gmail dot com
Follow you on twitter. (@hkittelson)
heidikittelson at gmail dot com
I would love to try the Bisquick! I've been looking for it everywhere but haven't been able to find it at any of my local stores.
I've seen a few of these products in the store.. I would LOVE to try the brownies :-)
I follow your Twitter @notperfectwife
I follow you on FB
I follow your RSS feed :-)
I'd love to try the GF Bisquick.
Following via RSS
I would love to try the Bisquick, as we have not yet found a comparable product.
I subscribe via email.
I like you on FB:)
love. love. love Lara Bars!!!
I haven't tried the GF Bisquick yet & would love to :)
I subscribe with Google Reader.
I already like you on FB.....
And I follow you on Twitter.
I would love to try the brownie mix. Brownies are my favorite and i've not yet tried making them from scratch to be GF.
I am also signed up for your RSS feed.
I hadn't thought about using the potato buds like that- now want to try them! (palila AT gmail)
I also subscribe via rss (palila AT gmail)
I would be all over the brownies..had them before and they are GREAT!
I would like to try the GF Bisquick for my son on the GF diet and maybe the brownies. I saw this post on FB where I follow you. I can be reached my fb inbox.
(Laurie Oliver Moriarty) thanks!
I already follow you on RSS
I already follow you on Facebook
I love everything in that picture. My most creative way of using the GF Bisquick was in my GF Corndog batter, along with Bob's Red Mill GF Cornbread Mix. Utterly Perfect!!!
I really want to try the cake mix, but can't find it anywhere! So frustrating. I would love to win a box! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
I am a subscriber! :)
I love Larabars. I'd love to try the Bisquick. Easy mixes are good to have on hand when I don't have the time to bake from scratch!
I would love to try the Larabars

Live Laugh and Enjoy
I would love to try out the Bisquick I didn't know they made it gluten free!
I am subscribed to your RSS feed through my google reader =0)

Live Laugh and Enjoy
I would love to try the Lara Bars!
I would love to try the brownies again, I LOVE them!
I like you...oh, on Facebook too....

lol..sorry could not help my self


Live Laugh and Enjoy
Following on Twitter....

thanks for the contest love...hope you have a great day!

Live Laugh and Enjoy
we use some of these products already and are so pleased to find GF items in "regular" stores:) Would love to try the LaraBar - have never seen that one before. I subscribe to the email and follow on FB:)
I'd love to try the GF Brownie mix first!

mdlangmead at gmail dot com
Liked you on FB!

mdlangmead at gmail dot com
Subscribed with Google RSS feed~

mdlangmead at gmail dot com
Thanks for your reviews I learn so much from them.
I am most excited to try the potato buds!
I "like" you on facebook.
I follow you on twitter.
I would love to Try the Honey Chex, something that can be carried as a snack and enjoyed by my 3 year old that can't have much
I follow you on Facebook
I'm always looking for new gf products to try
The Lara bars look good
I love your facebook posts
So awesome that more brands are getting gf
Just found out my husband needs to be gluten free. Wow, we are overwhelmed!
I would like to try the GF Biscuick as think it would be handy. I follow you on Twitter (@luvgardening)
I like you on Facebook and would like to try the LaraBar
I get emails from you and I love getting them!! (Oh, they come to my hotmail account and not my gmail)
My mom is allergic to gluten, this would be a great goodie bag for her!
As i am trying to adjust to living gluten free due to health issues with gluten this would be a great way to get started on that path. I also have a friend who has been told she needs to live gluten free as well so I could share with her. I love your facebook page and i have shared you facebook page and blog with many others.
I'm incorporating more gluten-free foods into my diet because of some health issues, so I'm just now learning about gluten-free options. I had no idea General Mills made this many gluten-free products.
I'm anxious to try the gf Bisquick. I haven't noticed it in the grocery store in my area, so I will definitely have to keep my eye out for it.
I subscribe RSS, twitter and facebook.
Candy Wright
I haven't tried the GF Bisquick yet but would like to - haven't seen it in the local grocery yet. I LOVE Lara Bars - eat one almost every day before my workout. Haven't tried Potato Buds yet either. Glad that the GF snacks are available for the kiddos! Thx to you and General Mills for the giveaway!!!
Oh - I already subscribe to your blog thru RSS feeds - have done so since being diagnosed Celiac back in June '09!
I like you on fb
I subscribe to you already
I love the plain chex cereal, but sometimes I want something with a little more flavor. i would love to try the honey nut chex.
I'd love to try the new GF Bisquick!

Already subscribe to email!!

Already "like' Gluten Free Homemaker on Facebook!

Such a fun giveaway!! I'd love to try everything but the Honey Nut Chex first. I've never seen them before!
I bake lots from scratch but always keep the cake mixes around for my emergency moments! I've heard that bisquik is an easy substitute for the flour in many recipes and am eager to try it out!
i would love to try the bisquik. I am still getting info on gluten free and this would be a great start.
I am a subscriber!
I would definitely be using the bisquik. Really want to give it a try in a dumplings recipe!

P.S. I just found boxes of the PB larabars at Target! Was so excited!
Also - follow the blog :)
And FB :D
We've been curious to try the GF Bisquick.
I already subscribe to your feed.
I already like you on Facebook.
I now follow you on Twitter.
I really, really want to use the Bisquick mix. It is not here where I live yet.
I subscribed to your e-mails.
I already "like" you on facebook.
I already follow you on Twitter.
I have not tried the Potato Buds yet, so I am excited to try them! :)
I am an RSS feed follower.
I follow on facebook too! :)
Larabars are awesome! I would love to win one. They are so convienent to throw in my car or purse. I wish I had known of them when I was pregnant!
I would love to try the cake mixes. It would make it so easy when we have a pot luck at Church or with friends. I always love to try new products, and I think there was icing. In the give away also and would love that as well. I used ro enjoy baking but it is a chore now.
I follow you on Facebook and really enjoy your daily posts for ideas for dinner! Great site!
I have Twittwr on my computer, but I follow only Facebook due to time. I can find friends and any Gluten Free site I could want.
I am so excited about the Gluten free Bisquick. I live in a fairly rural area so I'll probably have to order it on the internet in order to get it but, it will be worth it.
I "liked" you on Facebook.
I subscribed to your feed via e-mail.
Since my kids already love Lara Bars and we also love the brownies, the surprise for me is the GF Bisquick! I would love to try it! I used to cook with regular Bisquick all the time and now I am so excited I am not limited to just Pams! Thank you General Mills!
•Subscribe to your feed via email
I like you on facebook!
I would love to try the GF Bisquick! I used to make a fudge pie with it (many years ago!), and was just thinking of it recently...I have not yet seen this product in my local stores.
Love this site! :)
I would try the Bisquick first!
I've had the Gluten Free Brownies, they are wonderful!
I would use the Honey Nut Chex first :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!
Already subscribed to The Gluten-Free Homemaker in reader
I already Like The Gluten-Free Homemaker on Facebook
Already following @gfhomemaker on Twitter
I am so excited to try the brownie mix - I'm such a chocoholic, and before being diagnosed with my gluten sensitivity, brownies were my go-to dessert. Mint chocolate chip, peanut butter, cheesecake swirl, they're so versatile!
I already subscribe to your RSS feed (Eagles17). =)
Of course, I already "like" you on Facebook (Ashley So), hehe.
I also follow you on Twitter as @cupcakes_mmm.

I'm so glad you had such an incredible experience at General Mills, that's so exciting! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! Have a wonderful day! =)
I would like to try the Bisquick for a few more recipes.
I also "like" you on Facebook!
And, I am an RSS subscriber.
I would like to try out the Potato Buds. Those would be handy on a busy night!
tmpalin @
I subscribe to your feed!
tmpalin @ hotmail. com
I would like to try the Gluten Free Brownies.
Already a subscriber!
I already like you on FB!
I have not tried the brownies yet....yum! Chocolate!
I'd really like to try the GF Bisquick!

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