November 1, 2010


Chicken, Vegetable, & Wild Rice Soup

chicken, veggie & wild rice soup
Those of you who have been cooking for a long time, already know this, but I often remind myself that all kinds of people read this blog, and some of the simplest cooking ideas took me years to discover.

Most of us enjoy having short cuts when it comes to fixing dinner, at least some nights.  One of those shortcuts is to use leftovers from one meal to make a new meal.  It’s economical, and it saves time.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to put leftovers into a soup.  In this case, on the first night I roasted a whole chicken and cooked enough wild rice that I would have leftovers.  I didn’t cook extra veggies.  After dinner,  I used the chicken to make stock in my pressure cooker.  If you don’t have homemade stock you can buy it.  Remember to read the ingredients and look for gluten.  Pacific is brand I like to use when I don’t have homemade.

The second night, the veggies were the only thing that needed a little work, and they didn’t take long.  You could serve this soup with French bread rolls or drop biscuits.

Gluten-Free Chicken, Vegetable, and Wild Rice Soup
Pressure cooker:  Heat the  broth and water to boiling in the pressure cooker.  Add the  whole carrots, onion, and chicken.  Cook for 3 minutes under high pressure.  Use the cold water release method.  In a separate pot, steam the zucchini until just tender.  Remove the lid from the pressure cooker.  Remove the carrots and slice them.  Stir in the carrots, zucchini, wild rice, basil, oil, salt and pepper.  Adding cold wild rice will help cool the soup to a temperature that can be eaten but will also heat the rice.

Stovetop:  Slice the carrots and add all ingredients to a pot.  Heat to boiling and simmer  until the vegetables are cooked.

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That soup looks fabulous, Linda. Perfect for this chilly day. Mr. GFE loves wild rice so I'll definitely make this in the future. A roasted chicken inevitably leads to some type of soup in my house. Sometimes the chicken gets stashed in the freezer and reappears for stock, but it always becomes some form of soup.

Linda -

I made chicken soup last night, and it's becoming a staple for me. Your recipe sounds a lot faster and easier than mine! I should really get a pressure cooker. Your broth looks great. Thanks for the recipe!
I am in a soup mood tonight too! The boys are having breaded chicken and mac and I need to come up with something. Yours sounds delicious!
I sometimes forget to post the simple things I do in the kitchen too. This soup is something I'd enjoy for lunch any day of the week.
Don't you just love the pressure cooker? I am constantly amazed at what a time-saver it is, and also at how many years I cooked without it before discovering how wonderful it is!
This looks wonderful! I love the extra veggies - I could go for a bowl right now!

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