October 29, 2010


Z’s Cup of Tea – Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger

Zs flourless cupcakes
Sea from Book of Yum is the creator and usually the host of the monthly event, Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger.  This month I’m adopting Zoe from Z’s Cup of Tea.  Zoe is a teenage foodie blogger.  The goal of her blog is to “demonstrate and teach that gluten-free/dairy-free cooking and eating is for everyone, not just people with dietary sensitivities, allergies, or GI issues, and that it can be also easy – it doesn’t have to be hard.”  She also has many specific carbohydrate diet recipes on her blog.

The other week when I saw Zoe’s Gluten-Free Wednesday link for flourless chocolate cupcakes, I knew I had to make them. I have made flourless chocolate cakes before, and while good, they would always sink in the middle.  When you are talking about a 10 inch cake, it can be a pretty big depression in the cake.  That’s why I loved Zoe’s idea of making cupcakes (okay, it was Martha’s idea, but I learned it from Zoe).  I also love that she used honey instead of sugar in the recipe.

Zs flourless cupcakes-cut
I followed her recipe exactly, except that I was out of paper cupcake liners and had to use foil ones, but I didn’t think that would matter.  They were easy to make and turned out beautifully.  They did sink a little in the middle as I expected, but also as I thought, it wasn’t a big deal in a little cupcake.  The family enjoyed these, and I highly recommend you give them a try.  And don’t forget to subscribe to Zoe’s blog while you’re there.


These look great. Of course it's no surprise that I would like chocolate cupcakes.
I had no idea Zoe was a teen! So impressive. I can't believe those cupcakes don't even use almond flour or coconut flour!
I love Zoe! Her recipes are definitely no-fail!
Aw I will for sure give these cupcakes a try!
Zoe is the best! So glad you featured her and her flourless chocolate cupcakes, Linda. I should have been making these babies the oher day instead of trying to tweak the disasters I made. LOL

Great adoption post!
These look great - can't wait to try them!
Zoe and Lauren from Celiac Teen are two amazing young women! And your cupcakes look fantastic. I participated in Book of Yum's Adopt A Gluten Free Blogger this month and made chocolate muffins. Chocolate is the way to go!
I'm late to this but I just wanted to say thank you so much, Linda! Thank you also to everyone who commented and for all your kind words. I'm glad that the cupcakes worked out for you and that your family liked them. :)

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