October 10, 2010


Varieties of Squash

The other week I received a squash in my CSA box that I didn’t know the name of.  I did a little searching and learned that it was a delicata squash.  I then found a guest post by Shauna about roasting delicata squash.  I have to agree with her.  It is delicious. In keeping with the Squash Fest theme, I thought I would create a squash picture gallery for you. I’m not covering every single squash here, but maybe you will learn the names of a couple of new ones.

Acorn SquashAcornsquash[1]

Banana SquashPinkbananasquash[1]

Buttercup Squash
Butternut SquashCucurbita_moschata_Butternut[1]

Cheese PumpkinLongislandcheesesquash[1]

Crookneck Squash
Delicata SquashDelicata_Squash-small[1]

 Kabocha Squash

Pattypan Squash

Spaghetti Squash
spaghetti squash

Turban SquashTurban_squash[1]

The above (not so great) pictures were all via Wikipedia.  You can find better pictures and more squashes at the following web sites:

The Nibble - Squash Glossary 
What's Cooking America - Squash Varieties

What is your favorite type of squash?

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Are all of those edible? There are a few that are new to me too but I never would have guessed they were more that for decor. I need to grab some of these fun gems when I find them. I love love all kinds of squash!!
Great gallery! My favorites are yellow straightneck, spaghetti squash, and acorn squash.
Cool! Thanks for labeling the amazing squash! I just bought a delicata at the market this weekend. The farmer told me that it tastes like potato and that I can even use the peel! I'm looking forward to trying it. We always make a delightful stuffed acorn squash that I love.
Yes, they are all edible, though I haven't eaten all of them personally. :)
Great post - there are some squashes I am not that familiar with here. Guess I need to familiarize myself!
I bought acorn, butternut, & buttercup today. It has been a while since i had any of those, but i thing i remember liking them all. Of course, our favorite squash is pumpkin.

The one i definitely do NOT like is chayote (or however you spell it). I had it take over my yard many years back. I tried everything i knew to try to make something edible out of it, but we never could eat anything made from it. I gave up. I see it is a "delicacy" in the groceries now & commanding a high price, but it isn't worth that to me!

Are there suggestions on how to prepare (or what dishes to put) all these squashes? I'm learning to eat more veggies, but i find the recipes a challenge.
My favorite is the butternut, but it can be a little too sweet if it is the only kind you use in a recipe. I have an awesome butternut squash soup recipe, but it is very rich and sweet. We grew organic delicata this year in our garden and it is so hard to peel! It is interesting that one of you ladies said you could use the peeling too? I would love to hear how that goes! Thanks! Amanda

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