October 31, 2010


Make a Gluten-Free Pie Challenge

Monthly Challenge7My Grandma Sally died when I was 7 years old.  I still remember her well, though.  She lived on a farm, and the animals loved her.  That says a lot about a person.  She was also that perfect grandmother type—full of love, hugs, interesting things to do, and delicious food.  I remember walking into her house and inhaling the aroma of homemade pies.  It’s interesting, now that I think about it.  I’ve never been particularly fond of pies, but maybe it’s just that they never lived up to her pies.  I think her cherry pie was my favorite.

I’m a bit hesitant to post this challenge, because November is always one of the busiest months of the year for me.  This year is no different and is starting off with a trip to Minneapolis, probably another trip to my parents’ to help them pack, and of course, a big family get together at Thanksgiving.  Then amid the usual business of home schooling I have to fit in a birthday for one of my kids.  So I’m just not sure about fitting in pie making, but I really want to.  I never made an apple pie after I found a pie crust recipe I really liked working with, and I want to make a dairy free version of my pumpkin pie.  I’ll be happy if I get one of those made.

pumpkin pie slice
I think November is a good month for a pie challenge, though.  Pumpkins and apples are in season, the weather is cool enough to have the oven on, and the holidays are upon us.  I hope you will enjoy this challenge.

The biggest challenge in making a gluten-free pie is the crust.  With some pies you can simply go without a crust, but messier pies need something to hold them together, and I think a crust is an important part of a pie.   With that in mind, I thought I would link to some gluten-free pie crust recipes.
Remember to come back on Wednesdays and link your challenge posts any week in November.  I’ll be looking for challenge recipes to highlight each week.

If you are not a blogger but like to do these challenges at home, I would love it if you take a minute to leave a comment or send me an email letting me know what you’ve done.  You don’t need to send the recipe, I would just like to hear that you gave it a try.


Linda, your memories of your grandmother are so poignant. To have such memories from age 7 (and younger) is quite a testament to her impact on you. I'm suddenly thinking of my beloved grandmother who I was lucky to have into my 40s. Sweet, sweet memories.

I love your pie challenge! I'm actually recreating a pie today and it will use the press-in pie crust that folks want to know about since I mentioned it in my Cushaw Pecan Pie guest post here last week. Anyway, I'll definitely be participating with more than one recipe. We are a pie-loving family!

Linda - I echo Shirley's comment - it's so poignant and comforting to remember things about my grandmother. One of my most vivid memories is of her standing at our kitchen sink (she lived with us for a few years) making homemade Gefilte Fish for Passover. To this day, I think the reason that I love Gefilte Fish is because I think of her whenever I eat it.

I made a Pear Galette not to long ago. The crust was made using a mix - and it was quite good. It can easily be used for a more traditional pie. Here's the link: http://iamglutenfree.blogspot.com/2010/09/asian-pear-galette-gluten-free-dairy.html

Be well!

best, Ellen
I am new to gluten free eating and recently discovered your website. I also was a homeschooling mom, my kids are now grown, and cooked everything from scratch. (ok for the most part) Now I am learning how to cook all over again. Baking has been my main concern now that the holidays are coming up.

I am chronicling my GF discovery on my blog.

Thanks for your great website!
Wow! This is wonderful the memories that you have of your grandmother. I was not fortunate enough to have a living grandmother as I grew up; however, I had a godmother who filled that gap and my very first cooking memory (I am told I was 4 years old when this occurred) was standing in a Shaker chair at her kitchen counter rolling dough for fried apple and chocolate pies. Amazing that a seeminly insignificant event could impact a person so deeply and for so long. I think of this nearly every day when I'm baking and cooking with my daughters (we homeschool, so are fortunate enough to be able to spend lots of kitchen time together).
And as for pies...I can't wait to participate! This is a great idea for the holiday time!
:o) ~Gigi
This is my first year cooking gluten free and I think this is an EXCELLENT idea!!! Here is my pie recipe entry :)


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