September 18, 2010


Surfing Saturday 9/18/10

Emma & Esca
Since I link to quite a few animal photos, I thought I would introduce you to my dogs.  They are miniature Australian shepherds.  Emma on the left is red merle.  She is a sweet but rather bossy girl who likes to snuggle.  She has one blue eye and one brown eye.  Esca is a blue merle with two blue eyes.  His name came from the book Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff.  The character is very masculine, and we didn’t realize until after the name had stuck that everyone thinks it’s a girls name.  He is very boyish and loves everybody.  On to today’s links…

Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Calendar
10 Power Food Combos
Drunken Irish Stew
Hot Spinach Dip
Quick Guide to Herbs & Spices
Stuffed Tomatoes

How to Give  1st Aid to Your Dog
A Quicker Way to Clean House

The Internet Clipboard
Gmail Tip
Anchor Text Optimization (for bloggers)

Nature Photos
Birds - Hyacinth Macaws
Cool Lake Photo
Baby Hugging Dog

Have a great weekend!


I like the new Surfing Saturday posts you're doing; I tend to look at the same blogs all the time and it's nice to have someone point out some other good links to check out.
Your dogs are absolutely beautiful!!
I like you Australian Shepherds! They look both sweet and energetic ... like they are just raring to go as soon as you tell them they can. ;-)

I love seeing what links you are finding of interest each week ... now to just find time to click on them all. ;-)

Your dogs are so gorgeous! And I like that you're sharing links with us. :)

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