September 2, 2010


Create a Gluten-Free Pancake or Waffle Challenge

Summer isn’t officially over until September 22 and here in Maryland we’re still having 90° weather.  Therefore, I thought I would hold off another month on a challenge that requires the oven.  Instead, let’s use the griddle and waffle iron.

Besides making terrific breakfasts, and a great change of pace for dinner, pancakes and waffles can also be used in place of bread for sandwiches and roll ups. 

If you are new to gluten-free cooking, or even if you're not, I suggest starting with a gluten-free recipe and making some changes.  You also might want to start with a small batch and see how it goes.  Cooking gluten-free pancakes and waffles is not as tricky as baking a loaf of bread, but things can go wrong.  I have ended up with some pretty heavy pancakes before.

The purpose for doing these challenges is to get people to be creative and branch out a little with their gluten-free cooking.  I know I can get stuck in a rut.  There's certainly nothing wrong with depending on a receipe that you know works, but sometimes we come up with new favorites when we try something different.  Here are some suggestions for how you might add variety to your pancakes:

1.  Vary the flours.  There are a number of gluten-free flours, and I think most of them would work well in pancakes or waffles.  Try a new flour in yours for a change of pace or added nutrition.

2.  Vary the wet ingredients.  Instead of milk use yogurt or sour cream.  Or try different milk substitutes.

3.  Additions.  Blueberries and chocolate chips are probably the most popular.  Try one of those if you don’t usually, or come up with your own additions.

Tip:  One thing I’ve learned and also read on other blogs is to let the batter sit for about five minutes before cooking.  This gives it time to thicken up.

If you need inspiration, here are a few of my recipes.  You are welcome to modify them and post your version of the recipe.

pancake stack

Remember to come back on Wednesdays and link your challenge posts any week in September.  I’ll be looking for challenge recipes to highlight each week.


Ahhh....Linda, you know my love of waffles! Can't wait to see what people come up with!
My child loves waffles but hates veggies. Perhaps I can find a way to sneak some in.
Did someone say waffles?

I'm all about some waffles!

I noticed you mentioned Maryland, by the way....we moved to AZ from Southern Maryland in early 2006...I've been homesick ever since!

Feel blessed for the life we have...but miss the one I left behind for sure!
Thanks for that useful info on them, dear Linda!!

Your recipes make my mouth water,..really!

Oh, Linda, a waffle challenge is a terrific idea! I'm making some waffles today as part of my adoption post. Hubby loves waffles, so he'll be pleased that I'm doing this challenge. ;-)

You must have read my mind because I have been having lots of fun with pancakes and waffles lately. Before I visited your blog I was actually making a list of pancake ideas! :)

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