August 31, 2010


Gluten-Free Wednesdays 9/1/10

I can’t believe it’s September, but I’m glad it is.  Fall is my favorite season, and I’m anxiously awaiting cooler weather.  I hope to get September’s challenge up for you soon, so keep an eye out for it.  I’ll also be posting the August review of Gluten-Free Wednesdays links as soon as I get it put together.

I’m pretty sure I got everyone’s posts stumbled last week.  I hope you saw at least a little traffic boost from it.  I’ll try it again this week.

The pesto challenge is officially over, but of course you can link a pesto recipe any time.  Here are a couple from last week.  One of them was added late, so you might have missed it.  Be sure to check them out.
Frugal Pesto from An Oregon Cottage
Sun Dried Tomato Pesto from We Are Of The Day
My submission this week:

Brown Rice Salad

brown rice salad

Thanks for participating.  Please remember to leave a link back here in your post. Please read the guidelines if this is your first time participating (or if you didn’t read them before).

1. Lorraine - Zucchini Patties made with brown rice
2. Lynns Recipe Adventures (choc. chip cookies)
3. Chickiepea's Blog: Eating for Autoimmune Health (Make Your Own: Flavor Extracts)
4. Sophie ( triple coconut & almond butter soft cookies with dark chocolate chips
5. Aubree Cherie (Honey BBQ'd Tofu)
6. Heather @CeliacFamily (Wild Rice Salad)
7. Lisa @ Extraordinary Life (Philly Cheese Steak Soup)
8. Shirley @ gfe (Zesty Marinated Pork Chops)
9. Chaya - zucchini mufflettes
10. Mikki - Crockpot GF Apricot Ginger Chicken
11. Comfy Cook - The House of Tomatoes
12. Pat @ GFFoodMyHubbyLikes (Parsley Sauce)
13. Tia @ Glugle Gluten-Free (Review of Pamela's Single Serving Brownies
14. Easy To Be Gluten Free - Zucchini Gratin
15. Deanna @ The Mommy Bowl (Katz Bakery Review & Giveaway)
16. Brian (GF Crack Pie)
17. Alea (Easy GF Sandwich Thins)
18. Valerie @ City|Life|Eats (Semi-Traditional Panzanella)
19. Jason@JLHealth (GF Braised Lamb Shoulder
20. Alison @ Under the Big Oak Tree (Baked Veggie Fritters)
21. Jessi@ SweetandSaltyLife{CHocolate Ganache}
22. Jenn Cuisine (Pasta for Remembering Summer)

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Use up some of those zucchinis in this yummy gluten-free version of Zucchini patties. I like to use free-range eggs, pre-soaked brown rice and as much local and organic ingredients as possible. Thanks for hosting!
:) Happy to have found you!

Linking to my post about how to make your own flavor extracts. Plenty of time to get these steeping in time for use in holiday baking or for gift-giving.
Hello friend!

I just added my triple coconut & almond butter soft cookies with dark chocolate chips!!

Thanks & enjoy!
yummy! looks like so tasty! I'll try to make it soon.
I've got a rice salad recipe this week, too! I can't wait to give yours a try. My wild rice salad would be a good way for you to use up the cherry tomatoes you have in the garden this year. I know you're avoiding dairy, but you could substitute the Parmesan dressing with the Italian dressing from your own.
I added a recipe for zesty pork chops--perfect for grilling (even this weekend) or baking in the oven. :-) Your cold rice salad sounds good, Linda!

I'm glad it's September. Just a lot on my "to do" list with the holiday, etc. coming up. ;-)

I have a rice salad, I haven't made in ages. That means, it is time for a new. Thanks for providing it.
Whatever you can think of to put butter, parsley and garlic on, you might like with this Parsley Sauce. It is Italian, it is not a pesto, but it's full of flavor.
Thanks so much for hosting, Linda.

This week was just another review. It was Pamela's single serving brownies. Dangerous, if you ask me.

Tia :P
I have only discovered rice salads in the past couple of years but I have really come to love them. Yours looks very tasty, I'll be adding it to my list to try. Thanks for hosting and all you do for us.
I am late and I misspelled sandwich in my submission. :) Still sleep deprived...

Had the leftover rice salad for lunch today. Decided I like it even more when chilled.
Linda, I think I've officially lost my mind!! I didn't do any Wednesday link ups yesterday! Better late than never I suppose. This weeks post is a GF Braised Lamb Shoulder. Thanks for hosting!!
Linda, sorry for the late entry! All these recipes look delicious this week. The post this week is a chocolate's so good I may make it again! Thanks for hosting :).

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