June 2, 2010


Printable Recipes

For your information, I have set up a sub domain for printable recipes.  You will see my header and some ads on the page along with the recipe, but only the recipe will print.  You can use your browsers print preview to see how it will look.  There are no photos with the recipe.  The sub domain will only show my most current recipe, but you can get to other recipes from their original post.

You may have noticed a “View Printable Recipe” link on my cake recipe this week.  If you tried that link, you weren’t able to get to the actual recipe page because I forgot to change the setting that allows others to view it.  That is corrected and you can now view the printable recipe.  Sorry!

I still have the print friendly button at the bottom of all my posts so that previous recipes can be printed.  I think the new method will be easier for you though.  I hope you find this helpful.



Will this work in a newsreader? Is this multi-platform?

Mare (who subscribes via NNW on a Mac)

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