May 28, 2010


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With all the great gluten-free blogs out there, I have not been able to keep up with updating my blog roll.  I have decided instead to keep this post as a resource.  If you want to be listed here, please let me know.  Instead of leaving a comment, I would like you to use Mr. Linky.   I will periodically check Mr. Linky, add the blogs to my list, and then delete them from Mr. Linky.  I'm looking for blogs that are primarily about gluten-free living.  If you added a link, but I didn't put it in the list, it is probably because I felt your blog contained too little gluten-free information.  If you have a question about that or you change the focus of your blog, please let me know.

When entering your blog, in the box next to “name” put your blog title and in parentheses list other foods that you also omit from your diet.  It is assumed that everyone is gluten free, but if you also blog about a sugar free and soy free diet, you would enter this:  Your Blog Title (sugar, soy).  That doesn’t mean that every recipe or product review on your blog is sugar and soy free, but is should be what you primarily and currently blog about.   In the box next to “url” please put your home page blog address. 

Blogs will be permanently added to the list at my discretion.  Blogs with offensive material will not be added.  I don’t expect this to be a problem, but you never know. 

A Life of Sugar and Spice (dairy free)
About Allergy
Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom
Amongst Lovely Things
Auntjayne's Blog
Beyond Rice and Tofu (vegetarian)
Bubble Tummy
Bye Bye Bread (corn)
Celiac At School
Celiac Family
Celiac Teen
Celiacs in the House
Celtic Celiac
Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog
CJ's Woodland Shed and the Autism Journey
Cooking Gluten Free
Dharma Cakes (dairy, egg, & soy free)
Easy To Be Gluten Free
Elegantly, Gluten-Free
Enjoy Life Free
Free to Feast (sugar, most dairy, grain & starch free)
Freedom to Dine
Finding Food
Fit Food Lover
Flip Cookbook

G is for Gluten
Ginger Lemon Girl
Glugle Gluten-Free
Gluten Hates Me
Gluten Free A-Z (vegetarian)
Gluten Free April
Gluten Free Asian Food
Gluten Free Birmingham
Gluten Free Cheaply!
Gluten-Free Denver
Gluten Free Diva
Gluten Freedom (dairy free)
Gluten Free Easily
Gluten-Free Flavor Full
Gluten-Free Food That Even My Husband Likes
Gluten Free Gluttony
Gluten Free 4 Goofs
Gluten-Free Greenie
Gluten Free & Healthy for Me
Gluten Free in SLC
Gluten Free Kitchen (dairy & soy free)
Gluten Free Motherhood
Gluten Free Naturally
Gluten-Free Optimist
Gluten Free Real Food (sugar, dairy, & grain free)
Gluten Free Recipe Box
Gluten Free Recipes
Gluten-Free Social Media Tips
Gluten Free Spinner
Gluten Free Taste of Home
Gluten Free and You
Goodbye Goldfish
Gracefully Gluten-Free
Gwinnett GF Food Examiner

Healthy Mama
I'm A Celiac
I Made Toast
Jenn Cuisine
Karina's Kitchen
Kosher Heathy Foodie
La Maoomba
Lisa's Gluten-Free Advice and Healthy Living
Living and Loving Gluten and Casein Free (casein free)
Living Free (dairy & sugar free)
Losing Creek Farm (soy, nuts, legumes)
Lynn's Recipe Adventures (nut & peanut free)
Madison Papers
Make it Gluten Free
Marine Corps Nomads
My Marriage Has Autism (dairy & egg free)
Mysteries Internal
Saving U Cents
Silly Celiac, You Can't Have Wheat!
Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free
Sing Cook Write (egg & dairy free)
Sophies Foodie Files
Super Charged Foods Blog
Sweet Sensitivity

Tasty Eats At Home
The Baking Beauties
The Crazy Kitchen
The Daily Dietribe
The Discerning Kitchen (corn, soy, dairy)
The Frugally Rich Life (dairy, sugar, most soy, and red meat free)
The Gluten Free Digest
The Gluten Free Food Blog
The Mommy Bowl (dairy, red meat, & refined sugar free)
The Not So Perfect Housewife
The Pink Cowgirl
Vividly & Gluten Free
What Can You Eat? (mostly vegetarian)
What Life Dishes Out
Wheatless Foodie

If you would like to use this button, feel free to copy and paste the code below.  It will automatically link back to this post.

Please only submit your blog if it is primarily about cooking/eating/living gluten-free or if you have a easy to find gluten-free section on your blog.


Mine is a GF blog, although that is not the primary thing I blog about. I blog about our family life and homeschooling usually-- and then there's lots of GF mixed up in that!

Can we grab that image at the top of this post to add to our sidebars (linked back to you, of course)?
Thanks for setting this up. I'm looking forward to finding those gf blogs I haven't seen yet.
Sarah, I'll look into that next week. Maybe I can make a smaller one because that one won't fit in most sidebars.
The focus of my blog is leaving gluten-free, especially recipes and lifestyle, but sometimes other interests like running, knitting, etc sneak in!
There are so many gluten-free blogs. On my Gluten-Free Optimist blog, I have nearly 50 on my blogroll, and I am sure I am missing some great ones. My newer blog is Gluten-Free Social Media Tips. On twitter, I created a list of gluten-free bloggers and examiners, which has nearly 150 bloggers.
This is a great idea. I am looking forward to visiting the sites.
I'm a bit new to the world of blogging in general, but I am finding the gluten-free blogging community to be really supportive and fun. It's perfect since I just moved 500 miles away from all of my friends. Thanks for having this, and I am looking forward to Gluten-Free Wednesdays, too. I really need to get a better blog so I can add all of these buttons.
Thanks for such a great list! Follow some of them already but I can't wait to look at all the rest!
Thanks for doing this! What an excellent resource!
What a great idea! Thanks. :D
I did it wrong at first so delete number 26. Sorry! My blog is Gluten Free Naturally. I specialize in remaking old favorites, playing with various grains for breads and cooking for kids on a special diet. I use organic / real ingredients.
my blog is about autism. diet is a huge part in the therapy we do, and is a huge part in how i stay well, having sensitivities myself.
What a wonderful resource, thank you! Gluten Free and You is a celebration of everything gluten free. Readers can expect recipes, current events and product reviews all dedicated to the gluten free community.
This is great!!
I've been following your blog for some time as I gather more information on eating gluten free; looking forward to more!
This is a great site you have built! Keep up the good work!
Thanks for your examples, recipes and lovely way of presenting gluten-free living so it sounds more like fun and less like boring.
I'm into gf casseroles (kickasseroles) and sports. I love reading the posts and gatherings of recipes on GFH!
I so enjoy following you on Facebook and now on the website too!
Awesome idea! I'll put that button on my blog :)
Great resource, thank you for allowing me to be a part!
Hello! My blog is completely gluten free! I'd love to be added to your list! :-)
Thanks in advance for adding me to the list! I just started blogging last month, but have been cooking Gluten Free a little more than a year. My blog features all my favorite recipes, all Gluten Free, and most are vegetarian, too! Love YOUR blog, by the way!! :-)
My blog is about the farm and what comes out of the kitchen...GF, bean and nut free and as simple as possible.
Thanks for creating this. I am going to add the button to my side bar, because I too, have a hard time keeping track of all of the great gf sites out there.
I just started my blog focused on the specific challenge of keeping a young child happy and healthy on a gluten free diet. I post favorite GF product reviews, recipes the whole family can enjoy, and tips and strategies for living gluten free. Thanks for helping me build a community of other parents of celiac children.
My blog is gluten free vegetarian and mostly dairy free/ sugar free recipes. Love your blog and thanks for this great resource for bloggers.
I posted the Discerning Kitchen. It's gluten, dairy, corn, soy, egg, and nut free. Some recipes have tree nuts and some have dairy because my husband eats dairy, but by and large, I avoid all of these ingredients.

Thanks! :)
I would love for you to add me to your blogroll. I am Gluten Free Birmingham. We are totally gluten free.
Thank you Linda! I'm grabbing your button for my blog!
Wow! What a great listing of resources...I am going to peruse!
Fabulous list of resources! We would appreciate you adding our blog:

Thank you so much!
My blog is just starting, but I plan on focusing primarily on gluten-free items and recipes as well as gluten-free baby/toddler friendly items as well as other baby/toddler issues.
My blog, Gluten Free Greenie, is totally gluten free. It's about, me, an artist that is living gluten free and green (meaning trying to live as environmentally conscious as possible).

My blog features Gluten Free recipes, product and restaurant reviews, giveaways, some green hints, and things I'm learning along the way.
Thanks for letting us link. La Maoomba Blog is about living fully - gluten-free/dairy-free cooking is a large part of that for me, as well as being creative, enjoying the outdoors, and keeping in mind that have dietary issues does not have to limit you.
My blog, The GLuten Free Digest is a gluten free food blog all about cooking/baking, recipes, cooking baking questions. The goal of my blog is to offer yummy, tasty gluten free recipes.
I just added my link, Celtic Cealic: A Modern Guide to Staying Sane Without Grain. I write about my GF life in it's entirety, including reviews of products and books, recipes, giveaways, life experiences, locally gluten free places on long island, news and research. Hope you'll tag along for the adventure!
My blog started out as a regular blog about cooking and confections, but after diagnosis, I switched to gluten free cooking. Thank you for considering listing my blog. Yours is great!
I am recently gluten free and finally feel great! (I am 51 years old!)

My blog is all about eating gluten free and contains reviews of products, recipes, tips and just my thoughts on going gluten free.
Originally I blogged as "Gluten-Free Food That Even My Husband Likes" but recently I've transitioned to "Elegantly, Gluten-Free". The name change allows me to focus on a broader range of subjects more in keeping with the wonderful gluten-free food we have available.
Please add me! Thanks!
Hi everyone! I am new to blogging and really love it! I am gluten-free and have been for over 2 years now. It's changed my life. I want to inspire people and to share my experience with food and fitness
Just like everyone else said, this is SUCH a great resource! I can't wait to start using all of these blogs :) I am new to the blogging world and would LOVE to have my blog added. The majority is all gluten and corn free cooking with an occasional craft thrown in the mix. How can I get my blog added?
Ok, got it figured out how to get my blog added. I cook gluten and corn free. It is the MAIN focus of my blog. Hope you like!
Thank-you for creating this Directory on your site.
I have just posted a Directory on my blog too, Thank-you for the idea.
Please stop by when you have the chance and add your website and recipe carnival to my Directory. And as always to can link your wonderful recipes to my Food and Health Carnival on Thursdays.
I want to thank-you for your wonderful website, you rock!

Have a very Merry Christmas,
This is cool. Thanks so much for creating it! Long live GF bloggers!!! lol
Thank you for putting this together! I'm just starting out, but am trying to get a collection of resources for having caliac in K-12 education, as there is not a single source for it yet. If any of you get a change, head over to to leave a comment about what you most struggle with when sending a child with celiac to school- as an educator, I am going to try to answer as many questions as possible. Please also link to me or follow me.
I have a son who is in the autism spectrum so we follow a gluten free and casein (dairy) free diet for his well being. All of my posts are about being gluten and dairy free, my recipes, and how I came up with them. I just started my blog and would love to be added to your list!
Your blog is cool! :) I would love to be added to your list http:/ or visit the website
Good idea ! This list is a great things for us !
Here's my little blog
I am still in the process of setting up my blog. Though i have made my first two post, I still don't have the hang of copy and pasting code into the blog. Hopefully I will get this right!

My blog is devoted to gluten free eating, recipes, and tips on how to shop and cook for this lifestyle in an inexpensive manner, without sacrificing nutrition. All things I had to learn the hard way and longed for better help with! I thought I would go flat broke just trying to eat gluten free and in a year and a half since diagnosis with celiac, I have learned how to shop to stock my cupboards and fridge and prepare recipes that are healthy and delicious! Now I want to pass that on to others that might be where I was back then.
My blog is called Gluten Freedom and is primarily a place to come for gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and resources on living gluten-free. My goal is to make gluten-free cooking and baking more accessible to people with diet restrictions and to offer resources (i.e. places to shop, other blogs, information on celiac disease). I've been blogging pretty much since my first gluten-free meal two and a half years ago the day after I was diagnosed and have kept it up even while spending a year in Africa. I'd love to be included in your list of gluten-free blogs!
Hi there. I just started a blog called Gluten Free Asian Food after my husband was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Since I am Asian American, I've been cooking a lot of gluten free Asian dishes and I would like to use the blog as a way to record and share my recipes. I would love to be added to your list. Thank you so much for doing this!
After being diagnosed with gastroparesis and having so many dietary restrictions I thought there was nothing out there that a I could eat.... not so! My Blog What Can You Eat is a journey through recipes for those of us who are picky eaters, gluten free, and have other dietary restrictions. I've been looking at your list and finding new great sites. I would love to be added. Thanks!
i have no idea how but i stumbled upon your blog--i LOVE it! thank you for gathering so much valuable information in one contained spot! i look forward to checking often--

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