May 2, 2010


Cascade Complete & A Gift Card Giveaway

cascade complete 16 pacs_final
Thanks to My Blog Spark and Proctor and Gamble for this opportunity.  I was sent a package of Cascade Complete ActionPacs as well as a Corelle baking dish with a plastic lid. 
The instructions were to bake a blueberry cobbler, let the dish sit out for 24 hours, then put it in the dishwasher with a Cascade Complete ActionPac.  So that’s what I did.

I will post the blueberry cobbler recipe another day, but I can tell you it was delicious.  It was a great choice for this test because it makes a mess and the blueberry really shows up on the dish.  Here’s what it looked like going into the dishwasher.

Cascade dirty dish

And here’s how it looked after it came out.  Remember, there was no rinsing involved.  The dish sat out dry for 24 hours, which was rather difficult for me to do.  I kept wanting to soak it.

Cascade clean dish

As you can see, the Cascade worked!  The dish was spotless.

The Giveaway

Walmart gift card Rather than sending you Cascade samples, P & G sent me a $25 Walmart gift card to pass on to one of my readers.  That way you can go buy some Cascade ActionPacs for yourself.  Be sure to look for coupons that are coming out this week.  To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what meal you think leaves the most mess on your cookware or dishes.  This giveaway will run until 11:59 p.m. eastern time on Wednesday, May 5th.  Anyone may enter.  If you do not have a Walmart near you, it can be used online.

This product review was based on using complimentary Cascade product provided by P&G.  Bloggers also received a Walmart gift card to share with their readers.  P&G does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed within this blogsite.

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Definitely a dish of scalloped potatoes...they stick like glue
Anything and everything. Unfortunately, my dishwasher doesn't like doing its job. When I first got my house, it was being remodeled and I only had so much money to spend between appliances.

I used a good bit on a good stove because I wanted a good stove; gas one at that. I have a decent fridge but I had to settle for a crappy dishwasher since I had to get a stackable washer & dryer because of the lack of room. I hate them though since they hardly hold anything and it's just a pain.

Now that I look back on it, I wish I bought a better dishwasher. Nothing seems to work, so, I tend to do most of the dish washing by hand and then sanitizing with the thing. If I found something that works, by all means, I'll be a happy camper.
Casseroles tend to leave the biggest mess in my kitchen.
Anything I make in the crockpot - especially if I don't clean it right away!
I LOVE those Cascade gel packs! The most mess... anything cheesy and saucy.
Lasagna or any casserole that bakes in the oven.
Cinnamon & milk from cinnamon toast crunch cereal!
I agree with the crockpot! But for in my dishwasher, lasagna or enchiladas! Thanks for the review. =0)
Homemade spaghetti sauce in my crockpot usually leaves me with a lot of scrubbing and soaking.
Well considering I have a old and grumpy dishwasher ... pretty much anything would be messy. But I definitely think my Chipotle Southwestern Cornbread Casserole would do the trick. That'd make an awesome test run for the new soap.
Lasagna in the oven and ANYTHING in the crockpot. Convenience has it's price huh?
I'd try it with my rice krispie treats as they are sticky. You mispelled Procter fyi. Great giveaway! I have one on my blog too if you'd like to visit.
I make these toffee bars and if you overcook them even a little bit they stick to the pan like epoxy. :)
I would say lasagna is my biggest nemosis, hands down. I abhor the tomato staining.
Although rice krispy treats are pretty darn messy too.
Rice. It never really comes off the spoon used to scoop it out, and it leaves a film on the pot. I always end up hand-washing the rice paraphernalia and anything it comes into contact with in the dishwasher.
For me I would also say the blueberry cobbler, especially on the side of the casserole dish. I usually soak for a couple of hours.
Anything au gratin.

My dirtiest dish is from BBQ chicken because the BBQ sauce spatters and burns all over the edges of the dish. I would love to see if this stuff will get that off without a good scrubbing by hand first.
My dirtiest dish is from guacamole. Whenever we have it, someone will fail to rinse their plate or the bowl from the Guacamole and it dries on and is impossible to remove!
In our house it would definetly be curry.
Amazing results and wow, not rinsing for 24 hours to prove it works had to be hard!

Mexican lasagna bake is my worst mess.

dlbrandmeyer @
I love spaghetti but it leaves the worst stains on our dinnerware. And if I take it to work in plastic containers, it never comes out.

member (dot) thao (at)
casseroles with cheese are hard, but especially scalloped potatoes
Gluten free baked goods, like cobbler. The rice flour, etc. are really sticky.

I tried the Cascade ActionPacs once, but they were a little too tall for the compartment in my dishwasher at the time. They prevented the soap compartment from opening properly, leaving a soapy mess. I've moved since then, and maybe I'll give them a try with my new dishwasher.

Homemade Macaroni and cheese, esp. if we re-heat it for a second meal. 1prizewinner(at)gmail(dot) com
My son said broccoli cheese soup, I was going to say homemade mac and cheese.
It's really the cheese, isn't it?

neoterikos1 at gmail dot com
Spaghetti with marinara sauce.

runningmatey at hotmail dot com
Definitely anything with cheese in it ;)
Anything Italian! :)
I think eggs leave the worst mess on my dishes.
Pasta bake using a tomatoe based sause with cheese on top.
Chicken/Beef stew in the crockpot is the most difficult one to clean.

tcarolinep at gmail dot com
I hate getting scrambled eggs out my pan and off the plastic spatula.
Lasagna or barbecued chicken (I sauce it in the oven and the sauce gets baked onto the pan).
Any type of casserole - like lasagna or anything cheesy. This is a great test of their product, wow!
Lasagna or any dish with melted crusty cheese :) That's pretty impressive how Cascade worked with amazing results!
baking those casseroles for dinner always leaves a challenging cleanup.
Baked BBQ spareribs leave an awful mess
When I make a big pot of spaghetti sauce. It makes a mess!
Anything that I crock pot. It just bakes onto the side, and it's such a pain to get off!
I HATE cleaning baked on lasagna.
Oatmeal turns into cement on anything. I actually had to sand some oatmeal off of a chair once.
Lasagna seems to make the biggest mess! I have to scrub & scrub to get baked on lasagna off!
for me, roasted potatoes and vegetables b/c i leave them in the oven for a while and there is always brown oil? caked along the top... thanks for this!!
snowygreen2003(at)hotmail (dot) com
I could have used it for last nights dinner. ribs on the bbq. The sauce was burnt on. My hands would have loved it.
As I just finished dealing with a couple casserole dishes full of these, I can say "scalloped potatoes" with certainty. No matter how well I butter the dish, they really stick.
my dishwasher doesn't do a great job either. but it really hates when i pot the crockpot dish in after making chili.
Cheese, esp on utensils! It gets everywhere and always sticks to the scrub pad and in between the prongs on the forks.
Anything with cheese!

For those of you who said your crockpot was hard to clean, check your local grocery store for slow cooker liners. I use them all the time and they're great! Reynolds makes them. My grocery store has them with all the plastic storage bags.
I have to agree, anything with cheese, luckily since i do the cooking, hubby mostly cleans up. I usually rinse, but I also throw the scrub brushes from my sink into the dishwasher, usually gets all the gunk out.
Chili or spaghetti sauce seem to make a big mess.

buffalo chicken dip
Just about anything I cook at dinner, lol! It all makes a mess, but I guess things spinach artichoke dip get pretty messy!
The crock pot always seems to need extra scrubbing!

carriemak at aol dot com
I find that my crockpot is the hardest thing to clean. I soak and cook my own beans, so I use it a lot. It was a perfect white color and its starting to be not so white :-/ haha

~Aubree Cherie
I'd have to say eggs. Whenever I make them they always get really stuck on my pans!
Lasagna or enchiladas. I usually have to really scrub my dishes before putting them in our dishwasher
anything with cheese or eggs, and most everything else my dishwasher doesn't do a good job
Oatmeal sticks like glue in my dishwasher for some strange reason. My kids still eat that but it makes me sick so I definately want all of that out!
Love your blog by the way.
The two biggest messes are oatmeal or scrambled eggs made in the microwave. For some reason they're impossible to clean off my correle dishes, even after soaking!
Definitely fried apples, biscuits and sausage gravy. The apples stick so badly to the pan it takes a soaking and the gravy sticks the same way! Although the great taste of the food sure doesn't keep us from making it! :)

Forgot to also mention, when somebody eats a sunny-side-up egg, the gooey stuff sticks to the plate and no dishwasher can take it off!

When my husband cooks. He gets sauces on the stove, and they cook on. I have to scrub really hard later!

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