April 11, 2010


Gluten-Free Wednesdays March Review

Gluten-Free Wednesdays

Here is a round up of carnival links from last month.  Once again, I’ve listed the links by category.  We started off with the collection of soup recipes from February’s soup challenge.   You’ll also notice there are quite a few muffin recipes due to March’s muffin challenge.  I hope to see some quiche recipes this month!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Chicken Noodle & Vegetable Soup – The Gluten-Free Homemaker
Dairy Free Cream of Broccoli Soup - Aubree Cherie @ LivingFree
Chicken Enchilada Soup - Heather
Beef Vegetable Soup - Lisa's Gluten-Free
Minestrone - Fire-Eyes
GF/DF Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup – Katrina 
GFDF Taco Soup - Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater
West African Chicken and Peanut Stew - The W.H.O.L.E. Gang
Buffalo Chowder - Manda
Green Chile Chicken Posole - Heidi @adventuresgfmom
Sweet Potato Soup - Chaya
Corn Soup with Potatoes - Comfy Cook
Unstuffed Cabbage Soup - Comfy Cook
A collection of soups - Rachel @ Living Without Wheat
Midwest Ham Chowda - kj @ where my boys at
Potato soup - Lori
Vegan no-chicken Soup - Sea @ Book of Yum
Crockpot Chicken Taco Soup - Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads
Osso Buco Stew - Jenn Cuisine
Black-Eyed Pea Soup - Shirley @ gfe
A Quick Noodle Soup - Wendy@gluten free greenie
Lentil Soup - Jennifer @ No Place Like Home
Sweet and Spicy Carrot Soup - Aubree Cherie @ Living Free
Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls Stew - Diane @The W.H.O.L.E. Gang

Multi-Grain Carrot Walnut Muffins – The Gluten-Free Homemaker
Pineapple Coconut Muffins – The Gluten-Free Homemaker
Chocolate Chip Nut Muffins – The Gluten-Free Homemaker
Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins - Lisa's Gluten-Free
Nutrient Packed GF Mini Muffins - Laurie @ Domestic Productions
"Bran" New Muffins - Shirley @ gfe
Humingbird Muffins – Alea
Honey-Sweetened Corn Muffins - Shirley @ gfe
Zucchini Carrot Muffin – Chaya
Apple Muffins –ComfyCook
Oatmeal cranberry muffins – Cindy @ Clean Food Kitchen

Main Dish
Filet Mignon – The Gluten-Free Homemaker
Parmesan crusted chicken - Jillian@Funny (allergen-free) Girl
Vietnamese Summer Rolls & Peanut Sauce – Ellen @ I am Gluten Free
Easy Gluten & Dairy Free Zaatar Pizza - Diane @The W.H.O.L.E. Gang
Basil Mung Bean Salad – Iris @ The Daily Dietribe
Chicken Fried "Rice" - Katrina @ Gluten Free Gidget
Quick Black Beans Chicken and Rice - Wendy@gluten free greenie
Garbanzo bean Burgers – Heidi
Meatloaf - Fire-Eyes @ Home Spun Magic
Glazed Chicken with Pineapple Salsa – Brian @ Fire and Salt
Spaghetti and Cheese - Comfy Cook
Drunken Pasta - Katrina @ Gluten Free Gidget
Spanish Pizza - Jenn Cuisine
Beef Florentine Casserole - Easy To Be Gluten Free
Grilling - Wendy@gluten free greenie
Carmelized Fennel, Beet & Orange Pizza - Jenn Cuisine
Pizza Style Omelet - Aubree Cherie @ Living Free
Eggplant Parmesan - Rhonda@OurTreasuredHome
Crockpot Leg of Lamb w/Thai Sweet Plum Sauce - Gluten Free Gidget
Chicken Enchiladas - Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads
Taco pasta - Lynns Kitchen Adventures
Mustard & pistachio crusted rack of lamb w/minted peas - Jenn Cuisine
Chicken Enchilada bake - Rachel @ Living Without Wheat
Grapefruit & Prickly Pear Roast Chicken - Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads

Side Dish
Pasta Pancakes – Chaya
Double Cooked Potato Balls – Chaya
Pierogies - Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads
Quinoa, Black Bean & Butternut Squash Salad - Simply Sugar & Gluten Free
Red & Yellow Roasted Beet Salad - The W.H.O.L.E. Gang
Asparagus Parmesan - Easy To Be Gluten Free
Macaroni and Cheese – Brian @ Fire and Salt

Easy gf sandwich cookies - Lynns Kitchen Adventures
Cornflake Marshmallow Lace Cookies - Lauren @ Celiac Teen
Homemade Sweet Pistachio Cream - Jenn Cuisine
Perfect Pound Cake - Shirley @ gfe
Nutty Delights - Comfy Cook
Corn pudding - Lynns Kitchen Adventures
Lime Chiffon Pie - Lauren @ Celiac Teen
Passover Blondies – Chaya
Passover Brownies – Comfy Cook
Honey Peanut Squares - Easy To Be Gluten Free
Chocolate Eggs in a Cookie Basket - Heather @Celiac Family
Fruit Pizza - Aubree Cherie @ Living Free

Gluten Free 'Wonder Bread' - Aubree Cherie @ Living
Granola - Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads
Pigs In a Blanket - Heather @Celiac Family
Edens' Sorghum Pancakes  - Jillian @ Funny (allergen-free) Girl
Irish Soda Bread GFDF - Brenna Kater, Oceanskater
Easy Homemade Mayonnaise - Kali Lilla
Pizza Crust - Iris at The Daily Dietribe
Cinnamon "Rolls" - Jillian @ Funny (allergen-free) Girl
White Trash Snack - Fire-Eyes @ Home Spun Magiic


I love that you do this review! It's amazing the things I'll find I've passed over the first time through. So many good recipes!!

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