April 22, 2010


Breakfast in Bed

go ahead its gluten free[1]
The theme for this month’s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free is breakfast in bed.  It is being hosted at Naomi’s site, Straight Into Bed, Cakefree and Dried.  She’ll be posting a round up at the end of the month.

I love breakfast foods.  Unfortunately, breakfast is usually a busy time of day, and my body is not yet ready for a big meal.  For those reasons, I like serving breakfast food such as waffles and pancakes for dinner.  My ideal breakfast in bed would look something like this:

breakfast in bed

I love eggs.  I really love eggs.  I especially love poached eggs where the yolk is still moist but not runny or maybe slightly runny.  You can poach eggs by putting them directly into water, but that’s a bit tricky.  You can also use an egg poaching pan, which I did for a while.  Then I found these silicone poach pods.

poach pods

They are not cheap, but I’m very glad I bought them.  To use them, just oil or butter the inside of the pods, crack an egg into each one, place them in boiling water, cover, and cook.  I cook large eggs for 6 minutes.  Remove the pods from the water and then slide the eggs right out.

I also love fruit for breakfast.  Fruit takes a little work, though, so if someone is serving me breakfast in bed, the fruit should be washed, cut, and ready to eat.  Berries are a favorite and add nice color to a plate with white eggs, I’ll take just about any fruit, though.  A little whipped cream (or Cool Whip in this case) helps make it extra special.

Of course, I need something to drink with this breakfast.  I enjoy coffee, but I’m very sensitive to caffeine.  I don’t drink regular coffee at all, and I only drink decaf (which still contains some caffeine) occasionally.  Breakfast in bed would be one of those occasions.  I would like it freshly brewed with half & half (I used milk in this picture), sweetener, and a splash of home made vanilla or some of Chelsey’s vanilla bean syrup.
I have one or two pretty mugs, but I tend to favor this one instead.  It was made by Bay Pottery, is a pretty purple, is a nice large size without being huge, and has a large handle for my rather big hands.

coffee in mug
What is your ideal breakfast in bed?


I heart poached eggs as well, and with the fruit, what a great breakfast! My ideal breakfast in bed? Well if my husband made me those pancakes I made for him the other week I would be one happy gal for sure...
Thanks for contributing Linda - it looks like a delicious, healthy breakfast. I have to say that those egg poachers look a little like something you might pop in your bra for added va va voom though...

x x x
I've never had poached eggs! I like mine fried with yolk that runs all over the place. This is the best on a gluten free bagel or bread.

Fruit for breakfast is also fantastic. Fresh strawberries with cream....YUM! Like you, I'm also sensitive to caffeine. So I stick to decaf. =D
I love poached eggs. Which reminds me, I need to get a gluten-free eggs benedict together. Cause that's totally what I would want for breakfast in bed!
That is a beautiful breakfast in bed for sure. What perfect poached eggs! I'd definitely go with Alta's favorite--Eggs Benedict, hands down. (I had a version made with polenta in Asheville that I will be writing about soon.)

My grandma used to make poached eggs on toast for me when I would visit but it has been a while since I have poached eggs. My favorite breakfast has to be chocolate chip pancakes or anything that involves bacon.
I have to say that is one beautiful looking breakfast Linda! I only recently had poached eggs for the first time and I bought the pan (which takes up precious space for such an occasional use). I will definitely be looking for some of those "bra" cups (that was funny, Naomi!).

I am really bad with breakfast, it's usually a big cup of coffee but I am working on changing that bad habit. I would love to try GF Eggs Benedict, haven't had it yet because I haven't found a good GF English Muffin.
My choice would be waffles with syrup, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Breakfast is my favorite meal! Thanks for sharing about the poach pods...I will be trying them out soon :)

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