March 24, 2010


Allergy Grocer Giveaway

Allergy Grocer,  originally known as Miss Roben’s has always been one of my favorite companies from which to purchase gluten-free ingredients and mixes.  Last year they went out of business, but I was thrilled to learn they have reopened.  They have an updated and easy to use web site, with an About Us page you will want to read.  It includes their mission:
“To provide those with food allergies great tasting, great textured, and nutritional food products that are reasonably priced, safe to consume, offered through a user-friendly website, and delivered timely and as requested”.
You will also learn that:
“Allergy Grocer’s production plant (Miss Roben’s), warehouse, and fulfillment center are all dedicated “allergen friendly” environments.”
I’m always confident that Miss Roben’s products are truly gluten free, and if purchasing other brands, I don’t have to go searching for information.  For example, when I click on Shiloh Farms almond flour, it clearly states, “This product was packaged using equipment that also handles wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.”  When I click on Ancient Harvest quinoa flour it states, “Allergen Note:  Processed in a facility that also handles wheat and soy under allergen control procedures.”
Although I have primarily purchased gluten-free flours from Allergy Grocer, they carry a variety of products including meals, snacks, pasta, cookies, and much more.  To get a shipping estimate, put items in your cart, then enter your zip code in a box on the check out page.
Allergy Grocer is offering three Miss Roben’s mixes to one winner in any location.  To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which three mixes you would like.  Please leave an email address if you do not have a blog where I can contact you.  The giveaway will end Monday, March 29th at 11:59 p.m. eastern time.


I would love to try their cake mixes! Thanks for doing this!
I'd love to try their english muffin, bagel, and pie crust mixes.
Hi there :)

I would love to try the soft bread mix I've had NO luck finding any GF bread around here, that doesn't make me gag UGH! I think the other two I would like to try, would be the corn pizza crust mix, and the chocolate cake mix YUM :) Thanks so much for the nice give-a-way :)

If I could try any of the mixes, my top three are:
Graham cracker mix
tortilla mix
and the Popover and Pastry mix

I have had terrible luck finding a recipe or prepared version of gf tortillas an that is definitely the one that excites me the most!
Wow, three mixes? That's so generous! I would love to try the:

golden yellow cake
popover and pastry puff mix
potato bread mix
Great giveaway! I would love to try the graham cracker mix, soft bread mix and popover and pastry puff mix.

Thank you for posting this. I am always looking for good reviews of mixes.. never sure which one to buy.

I would love to try out her pancake/waffle mix, the cookie mix, and the pizza crust mix.
Wow. They have a great selection. I'd like to try all of them, but to pick just three:

- Gluten Free Large Pizza Crust Mix
- Gluten Free White Cake Mix
- Gluten Free Roll & Cut Sugar Cookie Mix

Awesome giveaway!!!!
- Angel Food Cake Mix
- Soft Pretzel Mix
- Carrot Cake Mix
...and the Flaky Pie Crust Mix...
soft bread mix
animal cracker mix
yellow cake mix
I would love the animal cookie mix, the bagel mix, and the graham cracker mix...... although there are a ton of others that look yummy also...

my email address is skidownthehill at yahoo dot com.
Soft Pretzel Mix
Carrot Cake Mix
Pancake & Waffle Mix
I'm excited to hear this, too! I'd love to try:
Pancake & Waffle Mix
Crunchy Versatile Cookie Mix
Soft Pretzel Mix

kochac22 @ yahoo dot com
I'd be most excited to try the bagel or pretzel mixes. Two evil foods that I still crave!
Om what a hard decision. But for convenience I think the cake mix, popover and pizza really sound great to me. Thanks!
too many to choose from! i would like to try the versatile cookie mix or the animal cookie mix, the popover and pastry puff mix, and the english muffin mix (i sure miss my thomas's!)
I would like to try their angel food cake mix, english muffin mix, and soft pretzel mix! Awesome giveaway!
This is a GREAT GIVEAWAY! I am so glad I found your blog. It has been a wonderful source of information for me and my family.
All of the mixes look great, my top choices are:

Gram Cracker Mix 1160
Versatile Muffin Mix 3104
Tortilla Mix 3314

Thanks again for all your help in the gluten free adventure!
All of these mixes look great!

I would love the english muffin,
the yellow cake,
and the soft bread mix.

I have not found a really good GF bread yet. Thanks!!
We would definitely love to try Mrs. roben's mixes for: bagels, soft pretzels, and muffins. Can you tell we miss our carbs?! lol Thanks for the opportunity! Kelly
Great giveaway! I think I would choose the soft pretzel mix, sugar cookie, and bagel mix. :)
OOOh! These all look wonderful!
I hope I win!

I'd love to try the
Yellow Cake Mix
Popover & Pastry Puff Mix
Large Pizza Crust Mix


neoterikos1 at gmail dot com
graham crackers, animal crackers, and puff pastry - three things i miss from my previously gluten-filled life - and here's the opportunity to make them myself?! thanks for offering the giveaway!!
I would love the pretzel mix, the bagel mix, and the carrot cake mix! Thanks for the opportunity!
Thanks so much for all of your recipes, information, and support. All three of my children and I were recently diagnosed with celiac disease, and your website gives me hope that our lives will someday return to "normal."

We would love to try the simply soft bread mix, soft pretzel mix, and graham cracker mix!
I'd love to try the bagel mix, soft pretzel mix, & the graham cracker mix. Thanks so much!
I'd love to try the versatile muffin mix, the pizza mix and the chewy brownie mix!

couponning101 at gmail dot com
I would love to try the bagel mix, english muffin mix, and simply soft bread mix. Thanks so much.

ajchalom at comcast dot net
I would love to try the puff pastry mix or the batter coating mix! Thanks so much!
What an awesome giveaway.

I'd love to try the animal cookie mix, popover/pastry mix, pretzel mix.


twinmom07 at gmail dot com
Hi, animal cookie, crunchy cookie and english muffin mixes... YUM!
English muffins, bagels and pastry mixes! Three things I used to love cooking before going gf, and would love to make again. (palila at gmail)
I'd like to try the sugar cookie, graham cracker crust, and cornbread mixes...thanks!
I would be happy to receive any of the Miss Roben's Mixes. My three favorites would be: Simply Soft Bread Mix, Original Sugar Cookie Mix, and Yellow Cake Mix.


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