February 4, 2010


Namaste Foods: Gluten-Free Mixes and More

Guess what?  Today I’m headed to Nashville, Tennessee for the Blissdom ‘10 blogging conference!  A good friend talked me into going. This is my first blogging conference, and I’m very excited about it.

Now what does the blogging conference have to do with Namaste Foods?  They are helping to sponsor my trip!  Namaste specializes in delicious foods free of: gluten, wheat, potato, soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and casein.  They also have some sugar-free products.  Take a look at their products page.  They offer mostly baking mixes, but they also have some pasta meals.

Namaste sent me a free bag of their perfect flour blend.  It contains sweet brown rice flour, tapioca flour, arrowroot flour, sorghum flour, and xanthan gum.  I tried the recipe on the back of the flour mix package for Mom’s Molasses Bars, and we were in love.  Before going gluten free, molasses cookies were my favorite cookies to bake.  I’ve never come up with a good gluten-free version of the cookies (though I haven’t really tried in a while).  The molasses bars were soft, moist, and delicious, and they hit that molasses cookie spot.

Namaste molasses bars

I also tried their recipe for oatmeal cookies.  I omitted the raisins just because I’m not a raisin fan, and I increased the amount of nuts slightly just because I am a nut fan.  I hadn’t made oatmeal cookies in a while, and these really hit the spot too.

Namaste oatmeal cookies

You can buy Namaste products from their site, or you might find them at your local health food store.  Thanks Namaste!


What a cool opportunity! I'm so excited for you. Enjoy your first blogging conference (and let us know how its going!!!) : )

~Aubree Cherie
I think Namaste headquarters is in my neck of the woods.
Will I get booted from here if I say I haven't had much luck with their mixes? :(
I love Namaste products especially their spice cake. It is the best ever.
I've used their pizza dough mix, it is great!
I havn't had much luck with their mixes either, but I think that is due to two issues:
One: I am at high altitude, so there are issues with rising and staying risen.
Two: I am not really fond of sweet desserts, so the spice cake seemed overly sweet to me, but that is just personal preference I think.

Good luck on your conference!
Awesome opportunity! I haven't tried these mixes - maybe I need to!
These look great!

Have a fun at Blissdom. My first conference is at Disney next week!
I have a bag of Namaste pancake mix and brownie mix that I got for Christmas. Have you tried these?
Suze - No, I've only tried the flour mix. I hope you like them.

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