February 18, 2010


Kitchen Scale Giveaway

A kitchen scale is a handy item to have around.  I’ve used one for years, and was thrilled when I recently won this EatSmart nutrition scale from another blog giveaway.  It was better than my old one which only gave me pounds and not ounces.  This scale can also be set to grams or kilograms.

I find a scale most useful for dividing up food items that I purchase in bulk.  If I buy a big pack of ground beef from BJ’s, I can divide it into one pound packages for freezing.  I usually purchase a big bag of shredded cheese or a big block of cheese which I shred in my food processor.  I then use my scale to measure out amounts called for in recipes.  If you like to follow recipes exactly, it’s great for making sure you are using the right amount of ingredients.

While I don’t use mine this way, food scales are useful if you are dieting and weighing how much you eat.  In Europe, people measure flour by weight rather than volume, which they say is more accurate.  A kitchen scale can also be used to weigh items you are going to mail.

This scale does not include a bowl, but it has a button for zeroing the scale.  Just put any bowl or plate on the scale, zero it, then add the food you are weighing.  It’s so simple, and the scale takes up little storage space.

EatSmart is offering their Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale to one winner.  It also comes with a Guidebook to Calorie Counting.  To enter, you must have a U.S. shipping address.  Just leave a comment on this post telling me at least one way you would use the scale.   Please provide an email address if you do not have a blog where I can reach you.  The giveaway will end at 11:00 p.m. eastern time on Monday, February 22nd.


i have been wanting to try gluten-free girl's pie crust recipe, but it involves a kitchen scale.

Haha I was going to say the same thing...I want to use it to try Gluten Free Girl's recipes. :)
I would use it when we make large batches of gluten free bread to weigh out the flour.

I would use the scale to help control portion size better. Use weight instead of size.
I've been wanting a more accurate scale! These scales are supposed to be great and look so much nicer than my ancient one. ;-) I would like to do some testing on weighing flours, but would most likely use it like you do, Linda, to divide large packages into smaller ones for freezing.


I have so many uses for a scale! Like you, I buy a lot of bulk meat and cheese. I would love to make sure that my portions are accurate. I also like to use it for baking. I have had some problems with my GF recipes not being consistent. I think that weighing would make it better.
I grind my own GF flours It would be great to have an accurate scale to use with them. I also make herbal remedies and an accurate scale is a must.
I would love this for all of my baking adventures. Measuring ingredients by weight is so much more accurate!
I use a gram scale in my dye studio but don't dare bring it into the kitchen for measuring food. It's a fabulous tool Since having to go gluten-free (and also egg, dairy, onion and garlic-free) I am finding that I need much more accurate measuring int he kitchen than I did when I baked with wheat.
I would give this scale to my 13-yr old son who has diabetes. He would use it to weigh his food so he could more accurately determine the amount of carbohydrates. This would allow him to more accurately dispense insulin, keeping his blood sugars under better control.

This scale would be great in measuring out portions in grams when recipes call for this type of measurement. Would love to have this in my kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

My daughter and I are both gluten free and would use the scale to create gluten free baked goods together. She loves to bake cookies and we have been wanting to try a recipe for gluten free graham crackers, but are in need of a scale ... this would be perfect!

Using a scale is so much easier than measuring everything out. I had a scale but it died so I'd really love to win this one!
Coming from England, I have recipe books that call for ingredients in ounces - not cup measures - so I've always had a kitchen scale. I went to use mine on Tuesday only to find it was broken - I suspect it happened when it was hijacked for use in a high school biology experiment. Anyway, I NEED a new scale and this looks like it would be perfect. :)
I would love a scale! I would use it to make gluten free flours for my husband.
I have been thinking about getting a scale for multiple purposes. Portioning out foods is important to me for eating healthy and I would love to see how weighing ingredients for baking differs from measuring them out. I have the CIA cookbook and want to try out some of the delicious recipes!

Wow, I would love that scale.
I would use the scale to weigh meat,
allot of weight loss programs want you to weigh your food.
Awesome Giveaway,
I have several gluten free bread recipes where the measurements are in weights that I'd love to try.

Thank you.
I have a child with both Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac. (I have celiac too.)

We're always weighing, measuring, and counting out carbs over here.

I'd use it for our life - just the way it is :)
I would use it for weighing out food for recipes. I've wanted one of these since I first started Weight Watchers and now that I am having to live/eat yeast-free, something like this would be really helpful! love2cook05@gmail.com
I seem to come across recipes that don't use the Cups/TBS/etc but use weight as a measurement. I I had a scale I could stop fumbling around with trying to convert these recipes and just weight the amount out!

Thanks for the giveaway!
Definitely use it for those recipes that require weight of ingredients. Also, dividing up foods for the freezer. Thanks for offering this!

mrshuntinak AT msn DOT com
I would use the scale for many recipes - particularly the date cookies (aka Lara bars) we love

neoterikos1 at gmail dot com
I love to bake and would like to have an accurate kitchen scale when I'm measuring out my ingredients instead of having to resort to measuring cups! :)
You can laugh, but I buy 50 lb boxes of truly raw almonds to distribute to friends & family. I'd weigh my almonds. Portioning out big packages of meat is another great idea.
i find SO many recipes on international blogs that call for weight measurements - though without a kitchen scale, i'm not sure how to convert them! once i have the correct weight, i may need to decipher the foreign ingredients...
A kitchen scale would have many uses in my kitchen:
my DH is diabetic
my daughters and I are gluten free
I buy in bulk.

I have never had a kitchen scale and I think we would give it a good workout. Thanks for the chance to win one!!!

macwidow @verizon.net
I have been looking at Kitchen scales forEVER but haven't felt like I could justify one since my husband is out of work. I would LOVE to have a kitchen scale. . .for gluten-free cooking and baking :)

I want to try Gluten Free Girl's graham cracker recipe!
We have a 12 year old and he loves to cook! A digital scale would sooooo come in handy! How I'd love it!

Thanks for offering the giveaway! I'm offering one, too. It ends tonight, Thursday. Easy entry. http://cookingatcafed.blogspot.com/2010/02/giveaway-last-day.html
I have heard that weighing ingredients is more accurate, so that is what I would use it for:)
When I make bread I use a scale to weigh the loaves. Would love to have a newfangled one :)
This would be great! I have an ancient scale that was a hand-me-down (nothing wrong with that) - but it's not accurate. Plus, it's not digital - and I spend too much time cooking to actually try to read a scale... :-)
I'd love to have it to divvy up leftovers/extass, like you gave the example of with meat and cheese. Economy is the best, and I would love to be able to be exact so that I only have to defrost what I need to make one pot of chili or stew, etc.

kochac22 @ yahoo dot com
I would use the scale to help portion out our bulk purchases more accurately. Thank you for doing this give away!
I would use a scale to help me divide out bulk purchases. Plus have often heard that weighing ingredients is more accurate than measuring in baking - so would really like to try that.

I would use the scale for proper portion control~I'm sure it would be very helpful=)
Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net
I'd use it for making beer! My husband and I make some gluten free beers, but are just eyeballing ingredients. A scale would make these a little more reproducable.palila at gmail
Scales make such a difference in cooking, I would use it to make some recipes that are not from the US that use grams instead of cups. :)
Hi Linda. I have worn several kitchen scales out over the past couple of decades. I use mine for everything from weighing cheese (I love cheddar, but 1 oz is a lot less when you use your scale than when eyeballing it). I've also used it for mailing packages, weighing nuts and bolts (for my husband's projects), dividing up meats to freeze, etc, etc. etc. If it can be weighed, I do it.
I use kitchen scales for everything. I convert recipes from measuring cup to weight because it's much easier to make sure the recipe always comes out right. Especially when working with gluten free flours and mixes. I weigh items before they are stored/frozen. I make "ready mixes". I prep for canning/dehydrating with them. Especially to figure out proportions for rehydrating later. Even just to weigh in what comes out of the garden. I've gone through a few scales over the years. They are a very useful part of my kitchen.
I have a very old postal scale I use in our kitchen. The buttons are cracking and I really need to replace it! My husband and I are following the Flat Belly Diet (and having GREAT results!) and we need to measure food often.

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