February 10, 2010


What can I eat that’s gluten free?

 I'm sorry that I'm late getting this post up.  I had it ready to go yesterday, but forgot to post it last night.  I've been a bit distracted.  I was at the Blissdom conference over the weekend and was supposed to fly home Sunday.  I didn't get home until Monday night, however, because of the 2 feet of snow that fell here on Saturday.  Now we're getting another round of snow.  Anyway, I was spending time with my family and just forgot.

Welcome to this weekly blog carnival of gluten-free eating ideas.  I hope you will join us by adding your link and visiting other links.  If you are new to the carnival, please read the guidelines.  Most weeks there is no theme for the carnival, but there is the first week of each month.

Last week the theme was “create a casserole” which I challenged everyone to do early in January.  I’m thrilled with all the casseroles you guys linked up!  Be sure to take a look at the great casserole recipes if you haven’t already.

The first week of next month the theme is soups.  Be sure to read this month’s create a gluten-free soup challenge, and get busy making some great soup.  Then link your soup recipe here on March 3rd.

My submission this week is:

Quinoa & Millet Pilaf

After you add your link, please take a minute to visit a couple of the other links and leave a comment.  I’m sure you’ll find some great ideas.

1. Fire-Eyes GF Popover Pizza
2. Iris at The Daily Dietribe: Simply Savory Collard Wraps
3. Meredith - SpiralOwl
4. Yadi@glutenfreediaries(Rice Pasta Lasagna)
5. Heather (Chocolate Macadamia Nut Candy)
6. Alea (Pork, Sauerkraut, and Sweet Potatoes)
7. Jessica Pung
8. Brian (Chocolate Pudding)
9. Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater (GFDF Herbed Cheesy Biscuits)
10. Comfy Cook - My Personal Comfort Food
11. Chaya - Crash Hot Potato - Pioneer Woman
12. Lisa's Gluten-Free (Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Brownie)
13. Jenn Cuisine - Shrimp salad with ceviche spirit
14. Shirley (Cinnamon-Sugar-Crusted Almond Popovers)

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I have to try quinoa. I keep reading about it, but have not purchased any yet. Is there a brand that is better then the others?
I love this sharing blogs every week. Thank you so much for hosting this.
Live Laugh and Enjoy
Firebear ~ I like Ancient Harvest brand. I prefer the red quinoa to the tan variety, but they are not a whole lot different.
I bought millet yesterday and got home and thought, "What am I going to make with this?" Thanks for providing the answer!
I'm not even sure that I have a sensitivity to gluten, but it sure seems like it. Until I find out for sure, I've started trying to identify and avoid those foods that seem to cause me a lot of discomfort. Gluten-free blogs like yours are a big help to me. Thanks!

Jim Purdy
Biscuits this week :)
I wish you could send some of your snow. :( I'm freaked out that I'm even saying it, but... drum roll please... I miss the snow. We've never not had snow. Until NOW! Share please, it would be good for us both. LOL
That pilaf looks great, Linda! I linked up my Cinnamon-Sugar-Crusted Almond Popovers, but left out my name and blog info. :-( Sometimes I just hit Submit too quickly. ;-)

Glad you made it home safely after Blissdom. I imagine that was challenging. Hope you had a wonderful time at Blissdom and reuniting with your family between blizzards.

your quinoa and millet pilaf looks great. I need to incorporate more, different, grains in our diet.

I was wondering, have you tried the Japanese noodles that are advertised on your site? Just curious about them.
Wendy ~ Sorry, I haven't tried them. I'm not usually a fan of oriental type noodles.
I would suggest adding Five Guys Burgers and Fries to your list of restaurants. They do not show a special'gluten-free' menu per say, but are excellent at accomodating it. At our local store they change the gloves, hold the bun, and clean the grill. Also, they do not flour the fries so they are already GF! Just peanut oil, and yes, they are yummy! I trust them over ANY other listed restaurant. We have not been burned yet.
Addendum to my eatery rant: P.F. Chang's is also wonderful, seemingly careful, and the staff is well trained. Carrabas and Bonefish, please... when we tried them, they gluten-ized our meals and made our children sick. The manager at Chick-fil-a had never heard of gluten, or any idea what it was. Top notch training there! Oh yes, and the waitress at Carrabas here thought she could 'sift out' the noodles to make the soup gluten-free... That was the icing on the cake!
E ~ My restaurant list is not meant to be exhaustive, but it is meant to take people to a place on the restaurant's site with gluten-free information. I realize some restaurants are accomodating, but the don't have a gluten-free menu.

I think experiences differ depending on location. I've had wonderful meals at Bonefish grill, but have not done well at P.F. Chang's. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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