January 14, 2010


Prana Bar & Boomi Bar Review

I was recently sent free samples of a Prana Bar and Boomi Bar, and I believe they are worth telling my readers about.  If you are looking for a healthy gluten-free energy bar, these are a great option.  The email I received from them stated:
“Divine Foods is an all-natural energy bar manufacturer, family owned and operated. Divine Foods manufacturing facility is free of wheat, cane sugar, GMO’s, meat, eggs and peanuts ensuring our products are gluten-free, soy-free and vegetarian.”
I’m sure that will appeal to many of you, as it did to me.  The question is, do they taste good?  I received the apricot cashew Boomi bar, and the coconut acai Prana Bar.  They were both delicious with the Boomi Bar being a bit more chewy.  They have other varieties which I assume are just as good.

If you like having energy bars to snack on, you should give these a try if you haven’t already.  They are sold at a few stores including Whole Foods Market and Meijer.  They can also be ordered online.  Just click on the Prana Bar banner at the top of this post.

If you are a blogger and are interested in becoming an affiliate with this company, you can register here.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.  What is your favorite flavor?


I'm not usually a fan of protein-type bars, but I found Boomi bars at our local health food store (now defunct) when I first went gluten free. I love them. They got me through some traveling situations well. Haven't had any lately since I have to go into town and stop at the health food store or upscale grocery to pick up such treats. I have not tried the Prana bars yet. Thanks, Linda!

I've tried the coconut acai Prana Bar. It was pretty good, though it was a touch on the sweet side. I liked the flavor though.

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