January 7, 2010


Burger King’s New Gluten Sensitive List

While I prefer not to eat fast food, there are times when it beats eating nothing.  When I’m traveling, I find it helpful to know where I can quickly and easily find a gluten free meal. 


This week Burger King released a gluten sensitive list.  You can read more about it at chainleader.com, and you can view the list at Burger King's web site.  I have updated the link in my side bar.

Have a great day!


Thanks for posting this. I agree, I don't usually eat fast food (and even when I do, Burger King is not usually on the list) but if it's the only thing around, it's good to know I can eat something.
Totally unrelated question - do you know of a good list of gluten-free cosmetics? I'm just now realizing there are a lot more "hidden gluten" ingredients in cosmetics than I thought, and wondering if someone out there has a "YES!" list I can view. I'm hoping even more that those cosmetics on the "YES!" list are things I can find at Target and drug stores, and not fancy expensive stuff. :) Thanks again!
Alta, I'm not much help with that. I started looking into it recently and need to get back to it. I think I read that Cover Girl would indicate any gluten on the package. I just find them so hard to read!

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