December 7, 2009


Gluten-Free Gift Baskets

I thought I would do a few posts this week with gift giving ideas.  I haven’t necessarily tried all these things, I’m just making suggestions.  I’m aware that most of my readers don’t need this because you know it already, but maybe you could suggest that a loved one read this series of posts and get some ideas.

If you have a loved one who is on a gluten free diet, you might want to consider giving them a food gift.  Sure, it would be easier to avoid food and just give them clothing or other non food items, but gluten free food isn’t hard to find.  Eating is a big part of all our lives, but when you have to eat gluten free and be very careful about it, eating becomes an even bigger part of your life.  It simply takes more thought and effort.  Taking a little extra time to purchase some gluten free food items will communicate that you are aware of that big area of your loved one’s life.  Even if that person likes to cook and bake as I do, it can be a special treat to receive packaged goodies.

Here are some gift basket ideas.  My next post will suggest some individual  foods that you can purchase and put together yourself.

Gluten-Free Gift Baskets – Click to see what all that Amazon offers.


Small Cookie Gift Basket - $19.99 


Large Cookie Gift Basket - $39.75

Gluten Free/Casein Free Gift Basket - $49.99 


Kosher Gluten Free Gift Basket - $49.99 


Gluten Free Baking Basket - $69.99  


Gluten Free Baked Goods Basket - $98.95



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