December 9, 2009


Gluten-Free Food Gifts

Monday I showed you some gluten free gift baskets you could purchase.  Gift baskets look nice, and they are a convenient option.  If you want to save a little money though, you can put together your own gift basket.  If your gift recipient likes nice baskets, look for one at a craft store.  If the basket is just a container to hold goodies and will probably be tossed out, then try the dollar store. 

Remember, there are many naturally gluten free foods such as fruit or pure maple syrup.  You might want to use those things as fillers, but a few special gluten free items will be greatly appreciated.  If you have a health food store near by, you will find many items there.  In fact, you can find gluten free foods in the health food isle of most regular grocery stores.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.  These are all linked to Amazon if you prefer to order them.


Glutino pretzels taste great and I’ve seen them at several regular grocery stores.


Breakfast bars are tasty and nice to have on hand. 


Cookies are a great treat.  I like both Pamela’s and Enjoy Life brand cookies, but there are many brands I have not tried.  


 Crackers would go nicely with cheese.  I admit I haven’t tried most of these, but I do like the brown rice snaps. 


Granola might be a treat for some.  Enjoy Life makes a couple of nice ones, but there are others that look good also.

If you are making your own gift basket, consider including other items that I will highlight in coming posts such as gluten free baking mixes, a kitchen utensil, or a cookbook.  Some basket theme possibilities are:

Cookies – Packaged cookies, a cookie mix, and a silicone baking mat.

Breakfast – Packaged breakfast bars and/or granola, a pancake and waffle mix, maple syrup, and a spatula

Snacks – Crackers & cheese, pretzels, cookies,  and Chebe bread mixes


Everything looks wonderful! I've tried just about each one =D.
Those Glutino pretzels are awesome! And as for crackers, the brown rice snaps are tasty (and low calorie), but I also love Mary's Gone Crackers (esp. the caraway ones) and Nut Thins (which satisfy my chip cravings). Great list of ideas!
Those are the BEST pretzels..yum!


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