December 13, 2009


Gifts for the Gluten-Free Cook

I love getting new useful things for the kitchen, but I would spend all our money if I bought every kitchen gadget, tool, or appliance that I liked.  They are just the kind of things I like getting as gifts though.  The holidays are a nice time to purchase an item your gluten-free cook would enjoy.  Below are a few of my favorites.  While I don’t necessarily own the exact item shown, but do own similar type items and love them all.

I’ve mentioned themes in my previous posts about gifts.  Here are a few ideas that include the following items and a few others:

Baking – mixing bowls, spatula, silicone mat, cookie sheets, a gluten free baking mix or the mixer and a baking mix

Bread – bread machine and a gluten free bread mix

Cooking – food processor, cookbook, and cooking utensils like the silicone spoon

Tea Time – electric tea kettle, boxes of tea, honey

Smoothie Time – magic bullet, fresh fruit such as apples, pears and bananas


Cookbooks can be fun to receive.  They give a cook new ideas and inspiration.  There are many great gluten-free cookbooks available.  Carol Fenster is one of my favorite authors.   


A KitchenAid Mixer is an expensive item, but something that every gluten free baker should own.  I love my old mixer, but hope to one day replace it with a nice red one with a tilt back head.


Many bread machines like this Breadman Ultimate Plus have a gluten free bread setting.  A bread machine isn’t necessary, but it is nice.


Silicone baking mats like this one are very useful.  I use them to line cookie sheets and for rolling dough.


Food processors are indispensible.  I use mine all regularly.  They come in different sizes, so you don’t have to get a huge one.  


I have a Silicone Spoon similar to this one that I absolutely love.  In fact, I have two.   I use at least one every time I cook.


I use an electric tea kettle to heat water for everything from tea, to oatmeal, to cooking pasta.  


Mixing bowls are essential.  I like colorful ones and it’s good to have a set with 3 or 4 sizes.


The Magic Bullet is something the whole family enjoys.  It’s so easy to make individual smoothies or fruit slushies.  You make it right in your own cup.  

This is my last post in this series of gift ideas for your gluten free loved one.  If you missed the other posts you can find them here:

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lots of great gifts. I don't think you need to be gluten free to enjoy any of them, but the cookbook is a definitely a great choice. There are tons of great recipes in that book.
I like kitchen gadgets myself. Would rather get one of those as gifts than flowers that fade the next day.
I like the new look, hun! I use most of these, and am still pining for a KitchenAid!

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