November 29, 2009


A Wonderful Thanksgiving

country scene No Internet.  No cell phones.  Mountains, trees, and farms.  The smells of fall.  The beauty of nature.  Really delicious food.  Family.  Fun.  Card games. Hugs.  Smiles.  Laughter.  That was my Thanksgiving, and it lasted four days.

I’m back now, and just wanted to say hello.  I don’t have a recipe for you, but I will soon.  I wish I had food pictures for you, but unfortunately my camera battery was low and I saved it for pictures of people.

My brother loves to cook.  It’s a hobby for him, so he is happy to do most of the cooking when we get together and give us wives a break.  I couldn’t keep myself out of the kitchen completely, though.  My brother does a great job of meeting various dietary needs of the family.  Most of what he cooked was gluten free.  The little bit that wasn’t, I didn’t miss.  Here is a list of some of the things we ate over our four days together:
Oh, it was all so good.  And I didn’t get sick!!!  Best of all though, was the time we had together as family.
I am thankful for my family, and I’m thankful for my cyber friends.  Whether rowdy and fun or quiet and peaceful, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday also.


I'm glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Linda! Everything sounds delicious =D.
Until I had to eat gluten free I took for granted sharing food at family gatherings! I don't do that anymore. :)
Sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving! This was my first Thanksgiving spent gluten free, so it was a little tricky as I am still getting used to everything. Yours sounded wonderful!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Where are the mountains you mention?

It sounds like you had real food. I'm afraid much of the things our family creates are not things i consider "real." (Potatoes from a box, stuffing from a box, store bought pies, etc. Of course, i can't eat most of that anyway, but i think it is sad.)

Thank you for your wonderful blog with the delightful recipes & info & resources. Hope you have lovely holidays all around. :)
Wow, what a lovely Thanksgiving. I can only imagine how relaxing and feeding to the soul that retreat was.
So glad you had a good time! and didn't have to get sick!! Looks like the food and company were wonderful.
So glad you had a great time Linda!

Looks splendid! What a great gift idea, I'm going to remember that one. How much better to make memories than get a bunch of useless gift. Course that's a little more difficult with small kids. ;)
What a wonderful time! I'm just smiling imagining it all.
gasp! no recipes? lol

glad you had fun.

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