November 19, 2009


Edible Gifts

Last Christmas I gave a number of food gifts.  I combined them all in a nice basket, but of course I don’t have a picture.  I thought I would highlight a few of the ideas I used, though, and I do have a couple of pictures of individual things.

Roasted Cinnamon nuts – just click the link to see the recipe I used.  You can find other recipes online.  Some are spicy too.  They are easy to make, and most people enjoy nuts.  Nuts can be expensive.  I bought large bags of them at BJ’s which made it more economical.

Herbes de Provence – For some reason I can’t find the recipe I used for this, but recipes abound on the internet.  Most use lavender, which I wasn’t able to find, so I used one that contained thyme, basil, oregano, and rosemary.  I specifically bought spices in jars that I liked so I could use them to package the mix.  I made the labels on the computer and printed them onto label paper (which I happened to have). The bottle show is the one I’m using, but the ones I gave away were full.

Herbes de Provence 1herbes de provence 2

Vanilla extract – It takes several months for this extract to reach a good flavor, but even though it wouldn't be completely ready in time for Christmas, you could still give it as a gift and tell them is needs to sit a couple more months before use.   I started making vanilla well before Christmas, but had trouble deciding how to bottle it.  I looked in craft stores and didn’t find anything I liked.  I ended up buying salad dressing just for the bottles.  I don’t have a picture of them, but they were round glass bottles.  The salad dressing was put into canning jars and the bottles were cleaned thoroughly.

I think food gifts are an excellent way to go at Christmas, especially if you don’t know what some one has/doesn’t have or what they need/don’t need.  Everyone eats!  Just remember to take into consideration special diets and eating preferences and whether or not someone is likely to use it.  A single man who never bakes isn’t likely to appreciate the vanilla extract, but might love home made cookies!

For more edible gift ideas see Gluten-Free Holiday: Gifts of Good Taste and The Holiday Food Fest (not necessarily gluten free).

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I've never roasted nuts before, but it sounds like a delicious treat! Such a great idea with the herbs and extract as well =D.
These are wonderful ideas! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.
Yummy ideas! The nuts remind of a recipe I have for sugared pecans, maybe I'll make some of those too. Thanks for sharing!
I love your labels!! They look so professional. I can't believe that they stayed so nice for an entire year. Gosh. You should sell the labels on line. I think people would pay for that template.
herbes de prov... awesome idea!
I make a bunch of my own spice mixes, but had never thought to pass them out as a present. I agree with Amy--those labels are nice!

Oh, and thanks for the reminder on the nuts--I love making sugared pecans. :)
You know, if people can sit out at our farmer's market and sell spice mixes, then I'd imagine that would be a wonderful hint that making homemade ones would be a great gift idea! I love it.
I always love these roasted almonds. They call my name at craft shows, etc.

Herbs de provence--I need to look up that recipe and make some. And, what everyone else said ... lovely labels. I know mine would not look that perfect after a year.

I actually make my vanilla in less time than that. I just made some a few days ago and it's already turning that lovely amber. It will keep getting better even after giving. ;-)

Some great gift ideas, Linda!
What a great idea to give away little jars of spices. I really like the labels, very cool.
Linda, I just started brewing some vanilla extract because I'm tired of the GF stuff having corn syrup in it. Do you use potato vodka?
Brenna - I always use rum, though vodka is supposed to be a good choice. You don't have to worry about them containing gluten since distilled alcohol is always gf.
Great ideas! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.
Great gift ideas, Linda! I actually love those bottles for the extracts. Thanks for linking up to GF Holiday! (on a side note, I love your updated profile pic! Cute haircut!)

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