October 14, 2009


Blog Layout Poll

I recently changed my home page so that it no longer shows full posts, but rather a summary of each post with a link to "continue reading."   I have found that in visiting other blogs, I don't like having to scroll through complete posts to find what they have been writing out recently.  I like having the summaries to scan and choose from.  That is one reason I changed my layout.  The other reason is that is gives me an increased number of page loads (people having to click on another page to read the full post), which increases my earnings from FoodBuzz.

I have come to learn from other bloggers, however, that many readers do not like post summaries because they don't want to click to finish reading.  I would like to know what MY readers think. Please take a minute to participate in this poll.  Thanks!

Do you prefer full posts or post summaries on my home page?

Full posts


It doesn't make much difference to me


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I'm not going to poll, Linda, 'cause it is your blog & you do it how you like. I will say that i prefer not to have to click multiple times, but for the blogs that do it your way i soon learn to click on the post not the general blog in my reader/updater thingy. That way i don't have to do the multiple clicks.

But again, your blog, your way. I read it no matter. :)

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